Helping International Students

International students only need one credit hour of f2f (face-to-face) instruction to justify being present on campus. Faculty can offer one-credit seminars on absolutely anything. They won’t get paid, of course, but if you want to help an international student, this is a good way.

7 thoughts on “Helping International Students”

  1. It was my understanding that this would not be allowed? That International Students need a full course load to be able to stay in the country?


    1. No, just one course is enough. And apparently it can be a 1-credit course.

      Of course, if a school goes to a full online mode, this isn’t possible. But if you declared a hybrid model (at least some on the ground instruction), it’s possible.

      This measure is created to prevent big schools from going completely online.


    2. The International students do need a full course load, it just can’t be 100% online. There needs to be at least one face-to-face course in the mix.


      1. “There needs to be at least one face-to-face course in the mix.”

        That certainly seems reasonable, if students can’t go on campus then why do they have to be in the country?


        1. That’s what I say. As an international student, the year I didn’t take classes or teach (thesis year), I immediately moved back home.

          This is especially bizarre in the case of new students. You drag them all the way over to… What? Lock them up alone in front of a screen? At 18 and in a strange country?


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