Nighttime Adventures

No smart insights this morning because we spent the night in the emergency room. Somebody had a bead drop into her ear. I thought she was fibbing but then I saw a complex structure she put up over her bed at bedtime, and it’s all true. The kid did have a bead fall into her ear.

The ER is back to normal waiting times. A very young woman with a drug overdose was brought in by a couple of bleary-eyed friends. But the medical personnel is very relaxed about mask use to the point where even I got nervous.

The bead is out but I didn’t even get to see my Tucker episode yesterday. Was it good? Has anything else important happened?

And another thing. I don’t know why, but I always arrive at the conclusions different from the majority wherever I am. It’s not contrarianism. When I find out everybody disagrees with me completely, I’m invariably stunned. It’s tiresome not to know how to swim downstream.

3 thoughts on “Nighttime Adventures”

  1. Glad you survived your ER trip! Our last one was an 8-hour overnight adventure, and I can verify: no fun at all. Only time I’ve ever wished I had a smartphone to amuse myself…


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