Why Is It Legal?

There’s no warning on the packaging of the CBD bath salts. I had to squint to read it because I’m too zonked out to read normally but I’m fairly certain there is no warning. It says it’s not FDA approved but nothing about possible side effects.

All I did was take a bath with these salts and I’m completely out of it. It’s a good thing it’s Saturday night and I don’t have to do anything. This stuff is sold in a completely open access. What if some teenage girl buys it?

I wasn’t planning ever to discover what it means to be high but I just did because of stupid bath salts I innocently bought.


I don’t know if anybody on here is aware of this or not but many people suspect that there is a whole world of human trafficking through the most popular websites. People have been talking about this for years. Here’s one recent thread.

It reads like a conspiracy theory at first but then it gets very overwhelming because there’s a limit to how many coincidences one can process. The one with the baby doll is especially horrible.

What do you think? True or a baseless conspiracy theory?

Must Be a Lie

N and I were watching a series, and there was a newscast momentarily appearing in the show. The newscaster said something utterly anodyne.

“She’s lying,” I immediately thought. This reaction wasn’t suggested by the TV show’s plot. It was suggested by my experiences with the US media in the past year or so. A year ago, I’d see this scene and automatically assume that the newscaster is reporting something that really happened. Now I automatically – and I’m sure often erroneously – assume the report is a lie.

I know this feeling. I grew up with it. It’s not a pleasant feeling. The cynicism of always suspecting everybody of being a liar and knowing that every source of news is only and always about duping you is a burden.

I talked to some older friends and they shared their childhood memories of what the New York Times meant to them when they were little kids in the 1940s, watching their dads unfold the paper on a Sunday morning. They still think every word the paper publishes is true.