Why Is It Legal?

There’s no warning on the packaging of the CBD bath salts. I had to squint to read it because I’m too zonked out to read normally but I’m fairly certain there is no warning. It says it’s not FDA approved but nothing about possible side effects.

All I did was take a bath with these salts and I’m completely out of it. It’s a good thing it’s Saturday night and I don’t have to do anything. This stuff is sold in a completely open access. What if some teenage girl buys it?

I wasn’t planning ever to discover what it means to be high but I just did because of stupid bath salts I innocently bought.

13 thoughts on “Why Is It Legal?”

  1. I wasn’t planning ever to discover what it means to be high but I just did because of stupid bath salts I innocently bought.

    I thought you were already so blissed out because of your keto diet that you wouldn’t notice. 🙂

    Hey, it’s not like you’re going to end up as the star of
    “Local Professor Eats Someone’s Face.”

    You are sane and sober enough that you would never smoke a watermelon pretending that is is ham.

    (I leave it to you to decide which is worse.)


  2. At first, I thought Tucker was the one who resigned. Hope Tucker doesn’t post any ‘anonymous’ comments online.

    // Top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist remarks in online forum


  3. So, Clarissa, has your doped-up psychedelic bath fulfilled the flaunted claims of CBD products to “relieve your pain, insomnia, and anxiety,” and thus make you better prepared to face life and the future??

    Or has it just spaced you out a bit and made you too dizzy and too confused to function normally — which was all that I ever got from smoking the few free marijuana joints that some of my hippie nurse girlfriends offered me when I was a young civilian house physician in the long-ago Southern California wonderland of fifty years ago?

    At least your bathing with the CBD bath salts won’t leave you with a transient sore throat the next morning, the most durable effect that this non-smoker ever took away from my then illegal mini-(mis?)-adventure playing with dope.


    1. It was horrible! I felt completely out of it. Why people like this shit I’ll never understand. I feel hungover and in need of a huge, greasy breakfast.


      1. I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience. Marijuana is a weak psychedelic, but you must be extremely sensitive to get a chair talking to you (and not even from a THC product, but rather a CBD product with likely traces of THC).

        People don’t typically have such experiences with pot. If everyone did, fewer people would like it.


        1. At least, the part where it’s supposed to relax you finally happened (albeit way too strongly). Both times I smoke it the effect was to make me very angry.

          I used the salts yesterday at 5 pm and I’m still completely spaced out and woozy.


          1. My sister has that reaction to pot. She doesn’t even have to smoke it– just walk through the smoke when someone else is. Then I have to spend the next half hour listening to her go off about every. dang. thing. that has ever, in her life, made her angry.

            This is the ONE thing I have reservations about when it comes to legalizing the stuff– how do you avoid accidental exposures? Not everybody has a good reaction.


  4. In theory, at least, CBD is not supposed to make you high. But since bath soaks are not meant to be eaten there is very little regulation about what goes in them.


  5. Marijuana is something you want to get from a conoisseur, ideally someone who curates it, really knows this particular strain and the field in which it was grown, and so on. It’s artesanal, like high quality tea, wine, etc., it brings the characteristics of its place. I still don’t really like it, most of the time, because of the fuzzyness to the brain that it causes, but there really are differences


  6. To me the most interesting aspect of this post is that it is so universally disliked (0/7 at the time of my comment).
    You posted all kinds of controversial political stuff and desecrated a number of liberal holy cows, but never was the dislike of the anonymous so unanimous… 🙂


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