E-learning Is Stupid

If it’s between e-learning and homeschooling, I’d 100% choose homeschooling. I see absolutely no value in obligatory vegetation in front of a screen.

It’s definitely one of the huge ironies of life that I now seriously consider homeschooling plans because the alternative is so unappetizing. I have accepted that schools don’t teach anything, I accepted that they are anti-health. I accepted that they are extremely ideological. But when it comes to turning kids into little screen addicts, my tolerance has reached its limit. Plus, if the sociability aspect is gone, I fail to see the point altogether.

I can’t even believe I’m writing this.

5 thoughts on “E-learning Is Stupid”

  1. I’m surprised it took you this long, frankly. I thought you’d start looking into homeschooling about a year or two ago, given your disdain for the public school system.


    1. I have complete disdain for them as an educational institution. But at least they were a functioning babysitting service. If they can’t even do that, I sincerely don’t see the point.


      1. Your university’s department of teaching and learning must be completely shot. Cheer up. There’s absolutely no babysitting of undergraduates or graduate students if most of the classes aren’t even on campus. And you don’t have to deal with training teachers who teach foreign languages. Or babysit children who learn foreign languages.


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