Same Old

Of course, it took about 2 seconds for BLM to turn in the direction of Jew hatred.

Read comments to this tweet (which is one of very many) and remember how the exact same thing happened to the Women’s March that soon enough turned into an Anti-semitic Women’s March.

3 thoughts on “Same Old”

  1. By the time I got to that thread it mostly consisted of Jewish people sharing experiences of their families under Nazis, Soviets, some radical Islamic regimes such as Iran and some anti-Semitic slurs in the US, thereby mocking the idea of the “Jewish privilege”. I had to go to the beginning to find some anti-Semitic material.

    There is a type of “Jewish privilege” which amuses me: It seems that some Jewish people from the former SU, who escaped discrimination in the SU and ended up in the US, perceive being allowed into the US as the privilege and the sign of their superiority, not just the humanitarian act on the part of the US. After the SU with its travel restrictions collapsed, a lot of non-Jewish people moved to the US as graduate students, postdocs, scientists, IT specialists and, less frequently, some other types of white-collar workers. Apparently, some Jewish ex-SU people have mixed feelings about it, as it undermines them feeling special. I encountered it couple of times in North America. I am this kind of person that is frequently accepted as “our own”, without making any effort or pretending anything… As a result, Estonians tell me things that are better discussed only among the Estonians, Russians tell me things not suitable for non-Russian ears, Jewish people tell me things that are better not discussed in a mixed company, etc…


    1. Few things are as obnoxious as the utterly unearned sense of superiority among Soviet Jewish emigrés. So I’m totally with you on this. I avoid that crowd completely because it pisses me off to hear them go on and on about it.


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