Suggestion for Potheads

After the CBD fumes cleared out of my head, the feeling of getting back to being myself was absolutely delightful. I like being me. I now feel especially sad for habitual potheads. Have you considered getting psychological health to get to enjoy being you? Pot is like using a tire iron to break open a Faberge egg. There are a lot more delicate ways of carrying the burden of being your self. Why choose such a brutal one?

19 thoughts on “Suggestion for Potheads”

  1. OT and just out of curiosity: Clarissa, would you happen to have any resources for someone looking into burial customs during war? I’m doing research for a short story and just need some place to start outside of Google searches. I’ve found a lot related to WWI and WWII, and some on the Napoleonic wars and the American Civil War, but I know there are other wars to look at as well.


          1. It’s even more exciting because I just found out I have offsite access with my hospital login! I’ll definitely let you know how it turns out.

            Today at work I found some really interesting things regarding the evolution of funerary practices in Japan. Not what I was looking for, but interesting nonetheless.


      1. “It cost me about $30,000 but still. :-)))”

        Surely, you didn’t pay your analyst anywhere near that much! You should have asked me what I charge first.


  2. I’m the same way, hate drugs and alcohol for basically the same reason – not feeling like myself. I will give you a secret how to get there without spending $30,000. Just tell yourself “I’m enough. If you are not impressed with me, fuck you”. And also, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat healthy diet.


    1. “Just tell yourself “I’m enough. If you are not impressed with me, fuck you”.

      • My problem was never low self-esteem. If anything, mine is ridiculously high. 🙂

      “And also, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat healthy diet.”

      • It’s like suggesting to a person without legs that they take up running. It totally makes sense unless you are crippled.


      1. I didn’t mean ‘you’ as ‘you-Clarissa’. Just generally, if anybody is in the market for unsolicited advice. From where I sit it looks like you don’t need it.


      2. ” eat healthy diet”

        Random American: It’s important to eat healthy food, don’t you agree?
        Ukrainian: Yes, it’s important to eat food!
        Random American: But not just any food.
        Ukrainian: …..
        Random American: Because some food is unhealthy…
        Ukrainian: Eat. Food.
        Random American: Well it’s important to avoid bad food.
        Ukrainian: Bad?…… Food??????
        Random American: Fried foods, for example.
        Ukrainian: Fried! Eat Fried Food!
        Random American: no, you should really avoid fried foods.
        Ukrainian: I don’t understand those words in that order….
        (etc etc)


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