Parody or Not?

Nearly 2,000 people called for the termination of a New York City professor after she reportedly fell asleep during an anti-racist meeting held on Zoom.

Of course, not. Parody is dead. One can post these stories non-stop all day and one is more insane than the other.

Now let’s discuss how the professor must have totally deserved it because it only ever happens to those who do.

We Are Incredibly Dumb

The destruction of the discussion board was requested by faculty members who found that somebody’s mild disagreement with the woke dogma was completely intolerable and made them suffer.*

Now there’s absolutely no place where all workers of this campus could come together to talk and, as happened often, oppose some of the initiatives of the administration.

In short: we forced our employer to take away from us the only method we had to stand up to the employer.

* In the meantime, the working classes who are employed on campus never, of course, objected to the almost daily barrage of insults on the discussion board to the beliefs of many of them.

Don’t Play This Game

Innocent, sweet people, or as we call them, “unscared idiots”, shouldn’t play cancel culture games. They are very likely to get very burned.


A colleague decided publicly to accuse another colleague of an ideological crime.

“The argument you make is very similar to an alt-right document that can be found at this link!” the colleague triumphantly proclaimed. “There’s even a similar typo in it!”

This is a rookie mistake for people living in a nascent totalitarian regime. The self-righteous colleague has now effectively handed the commissars some really good compromising material against himself. He has signed his name – completely willingly, publicly, and on record – to the following:

A. He reads alt-right documents.

B. He’s very familiar with alt-right documents to the point where he can spot similarities between them and other texts.

C. He distributed a link to an alt-right document to the university community, engaging in racist propaganda and directly harming vulnerable populations. It is absolutely identical to him personally authoring and distributing anything that appears at that link.

The intent is of absolutely no consequence. This is an act of terror aimed at vulnerable people in the workplace.

People have no idea what they are getting themselves into.


“Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you should be free from the consequences” was a favorite slogan of Soviet Komsomol apparatchiks.

One of the things I can’t forgive the wokesters is their complete lack of originality. Another is the ignorance that prevents them from spotting how unoriginal they are.