Don’t Play This Game

Innocent, sweet people, or as we call them, “unscared idiots”, shouldn’t play cancel culture games. They are very likely to get very burned.


A colleague decided publicly to accuse another colleague of an ideological crime.

“The argument you make is very similar to an alt-right document that can be found at this link!” the colleague triumphantly proclaimed. “There’s even a similar typo in it!”

This is a rookie mistake for people living in a nascent totalitarian regime. The self-righteous colleague has now effectively handed the commissars some really good compromising material against himself. He has signed his name – completely willingly, publicly, and on record – to the following:

A. He reads alt-right documents.

B. He’s very familiar with alt-right documents to the point where he can spot similarities between them and other texts.

C. He distributed a link to an alt-right document to the university community, engaging in racist propaganda and directly harming vulnerable populations. It is absolutely identical to him personally authoring and distributing anything that appears at that link.

The intent is of absolutely no consequence. This is an act of terror aimed at vulnerable people in the workplace.

People have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Play This Game”

  1. Don’t know what you think of Pelevin, but thought you may enjoy this comment:

    My favorite exchange in comments was:

    =ЛГБТ на месте комсомола=

    Президент США не поддерживает однополые браки. Вице-президент США является последовательным противником ЛГБТ. Однополые браки были разрешены в США лишь несколько лет назад и то с перевесом в один голос в Верховном Суде. Но уже ЛГБТ у него на комсомол тянет.

    The blogger answers:
    Дык в нынешних США президент и вице-президент сами на положении ЛГБТ 🙂 Только ЛГБТ где-нибудь в России.


      1. // The last president who didn’t support gay marriage was Obama. He was very openly and publicly against until recently.

        Wow. Interesting what he truly thinks about it inside.

        You once said a good politician was a kind of mirror, a vessel conducting he will of the people, so his personal beliefs may not be important, but still… If one repeats something 100 times, one may start believing it at some point.


        1. He supported gay marriage. I believe he had made statements about that before running for president. He said he didn’t support it to get elected.

          I have such a hard time understanding conversational Russian on message boards these days. For example, what does “президент и вице-президент сами на положении ЛГБТ” mean? I understand every single word separately (including LGBT), but not what the sentence is saying. Are the president and vice-president pro-LGBT? But only in Russia? Are they themselves LGBT?

          Clarissa, I’ve also tried to use “unscared idiots” in conversation. According to my mom, it was Zhvanetsky who said it first. It’s hard to convey the exact meaning of the phrase. I’ve tried “unfrightened idiots”, but whether one is scared or frightened, it’s of real events that are happening or have happened. Plenty of Americans are scared of, say, Sharia law becoming the law of the land, or their guns being taken away by the government, but it’s not the same thing at all.


          1. I agree that страна непуганых идиотов is an untranslatable wordplay. Such a beautiful expression. 🙂

            The quote about the president and the vice-president being in the position of the LGBT means they are a tiny, despised minority with no power.

            Can you explain to me, though, why all of your comments recently go into moderation? Every single one.


  2. The last in cancel culture made an impression on me:


    1. Gosh, did you see the slide with what constitutes “white culture”?

      I suspect some secret KKK adherent came up with it to troll idiots.


      1. I thought this slide 100% couldn’t be in an American museum, that it was a fake, and then followed the link …

        My ‘favorite’ was this description of the family:

        “Wife is homemaker and subordinate to the husband
        Children should have own rooms, be independent

        How could anyone truly mean it and not notice the contradiction? Girls are also incuded in children, presumably, so growing up is presented as growing down from an independent girlhood to subordinate womanhood.

        Also, “have own rooms” is classist.


      2. You could make a whole game out of taking things like this and asking people to guess whether they came from a far right white nationalist website or an ultra-woke diversity training seminar.


  3. Btw, the situation in Israel is heating up and not only because of coronavirus:

    “Out of the 23,399 people currently battling COVID-19, 205 are in serious condition, an increase of 22 since Tuesday. There are now 57 people on ventilators, an increase of one in the past day.
    Edelstein (Minister of Health) told Ynet earlier Wednesday that barring a miracle, Israel would be heading back into full lockdown within days.

    Also Wednesday, the National Association of Nurses announced it will launch a general strike starting Monday, July 20, in protest of manpower shortages during the coronavirus pandemic, which they say have made it impossible to continue their work.”

    “Thousands of protesters try to break into PM’s residence in Jerusalem
    The demonstrators carrying torches had to be pulled away from the gate by the police, resulting in clashes between law enforcement officials and the protestors, who called on Netanyahu to resign; rally meant to coincide with The Storming of the Bastille”

    As a result, Netanyahu decided to help himself with a ‘generous’ (since Israeli dept is super high now and we’ll all pay for it through the nose) government handout:

    “Netanyahu announces one-off payment for every Israeli adult to alleviate the financial toll of the crisis

    “Why are we giving this money? We have to get the economy moving,” Netanyahu said. “This money will boost consumer spending and employment.”
    Single people without children will receive a payment of NIS 750 (approx. $220), while a family with one child will receive NIS 2,000 (approx. $580). Households with two children will receive NIS 2,500 (approx $730) and households with three or more children will receive NIS 3,000 (approx. $875).
    The one-off payment comes in addition to the economic aid plan the government approved earlier in the week.

    The prime minister denied the street protests had prompted the new aid package. ”

    The undiscriminating handout is criticised by all and sundry on TV, and my family also isn’t enthusiastic. Not working Haredi and Arab ‘single mothers’ (2nd, 3rd and 4th wives in practice) are going to receive the most from the government which already gives them too much of our tax money. I am not against paying high taxes, btw. I am truly for it providing a generous safety net, health care, etc. but not for enabling people not work honestly one day in their lives.


  4. I do want to share something which makes me understand where people talking about “Internalization of Whiteness and White Dominant Culture” come from.

    Israeli high school students study a short story – “The Enemy” by Pearl S. Buck – about Sadao, a Japanese doctor in Japan, saving an escaped and wounded American soldier during WW2 despite numerous misgivings. The story ends with Sadao remembering studying medicine in America and at first reading I found it truly funny (try to guess why):

    // It had been hard to find a place to live in America because he was a Japanese. The Americans were full of prejudice. It

    had been hard to live among such feelings”. It was hard because he knew that as a Japanese he was superior” to

    Americans. How he had hated the ignorant and dirty old woman. who had agreed to rent him a room in her miserable?


    He had once tried to be grateful to her, but it was too difficult. In his last year, she had taken care of him when he was

    sick. He thought she was disgusting, even though she was kind to him. But then, white people were disgusting, of

    course. It was a relief to be openly at home with them at last. Now he remembered the young, tired face of his prisoner- white and disgusting.

    “Strange,” he thought, “I wonder why I could not kill him?”

    Despite growing up as a Jew in a monoracial society and knowing exactly zero about Japan, I found Japanese feelings of superiority surreal and comical. How can he not know Europeans are superior?


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