Little Accomplishments

People keep asking if I like being Chair. I’ve only done it for two weeks, so it’s way too early to say. But here’s one thing I do like.

Usually, academics have a sense of accomplishment, of having achieved something when we get published. Which is a couple of times a year. There is no daily feeling of, “wow, I’ve made something out of nothing.” And as Chair, I do have little but important accomplishments almost every day.

We have 7 languages and I’m now making sure we have people to teach everything in spite of two retirements, one sabbatical, one instructor getting a better job elsewhere, and me getting course releases. It feels important, like I’m making things happen. I like that.

It also helps to leave everything work-related locked up in the office and not bring it back home.

One thought on “Little Accomplishments”

  1. Administrative skills are also more general than narrow academic specialties. Useful to have in a fluid job market.


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