Why Aren’t We Talking about This?

Trigger warning for our Jewish readers but everybody else needs to watch:

Uighurs sitting, bound and blindfolded, waiting to be loaded onto train cars and taken — somewhere.

Drone footage from an unknown hero in China.

#Uighur https://t.co/l9CTfyM2iT

15 thoughts on “Why Aren’t We Talking about This?”

  1. There is something I was once told by a Sudanese activist. It is not that the West does not care about people of color being oppressed. It is just that the West does not care as long as the oppressors are not westerners. Such oppression cannot be fit into the model of western imperialism is evil so it does not matter. In fact, to care about such oppression makes you part of western oppression because you are distracting people from the “real” evil. People care about the Palestinians because Israel is culturally part of the West. Syrians do not matter unless it is European countries who are not letting them in. China can engage in all the ethnic cleansing it wants because Chinese Muslims are not useful for the anti-western narrative.

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    1. He proclaims himself to be:
      Socialist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, environmentalist, musician, writer, reader, parent, activist. Chavista. China, Cuba, Venezuela, Left Labour, hip-hop.

      So traditional British leftist.


  2. Things like that are brought into the public zeitgeist slowly, so that outrage can quietly be fanned and grown into something unstoppable. Which is happening.


    1. // Things like that are brought into the public zeitgeist slowly, so that outrage can quietly be fanned and grown into something unstoppable. Which is happening.

      How slowly is slowly till it turns into “brought as slowly as possible so that not be brought at all”?

      One user wrote: “It’s 10 mos. old. The public is just seeing now, but politicians worldwide have known about it from start. Disgusting that nothing has been done about this. The Uighurs were the test case for Hong Kong.”

      Another added: “I honestly don’t believe this is happening today.. and most of the Muslim world is silent.” Compare this Muslim silence to their reaction to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Interesting what explains this stark difference.

      I am truly interested now and bet Muslims are silent since the Uighurs are far away geographically, while Palestinians live right here in the Middle East and influence various Muslim countries like Lebanon. The Uighurs also cannot be used by Iran to promote its imperial goals, so they’re screwed.


      1. Well, also if you poke around, there’s probably more than a little Arab-centric racism involved. If I understand correctly, the Uighurs are also not mainline Islam… which generally means Sunnis aren’t interested.


      2. I’d say that we are in week 5 of implementation of the Uighur narrative, which should take root solidly by about October. The injustice was happening for about 2 decades, and is only really useful as a political/war narrative now. Also, respectfully, what happened in Hong Kong was not modelled on anything to do with Uighurs. If anything, the model is or will end up being Tiannamin Square.


      3. Middle East Muslim leaders are silent because they want access to the Pan Asia highway and trade with China.


  3. Btw, Israeli Jews had a very favorable opinion of China till recently in contrast to their attitudes towards ‘antisemitic’ Europe. I predict now, when China started supporting lifting Iranian sanctions in order to sell Iran Chinese advanced weapons, the attitudes will change fast.

    If somebody is interested, the reasons for positive attitudes are described here:

    Why reassessing Israel’s risky relationship with China matters
    Analysis: Beijing’s full-throated defense of the Islamic Republic should set off alarm bells for any Israeli who fears a nuclear-armed Iran with advanced ballistic and cruise missiles capable of bringing a second Holocaust


  4. But the Uighurs are the best! It is silly but when I was disabled due to injury in summer 2002 I got addicted to the travel channel. Since I have traveled, I have some discernment. I designated Uighur culture as the #1 most interesting, and have been watching in distress since!


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