If Only

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: DHS Confirms Barr Will Be Deploying His Black Ops Interagency Army Nationwide.


It’s, of course, an idiotic lie. But what this poor dumb nitwit doesn’t get is that if this were true, Trump would win the election in a landslide.

Everybody is exhausted watching a bunch of bored, privileged idjits running around playing “revolutionaries.” We all want somebody to be the adult and tell these overgrown babies to go home already.

Pretentious No More

I decided to stop going to the farmers’ market because buying 4 big tomatoes for $11 and a bunch of dill flowers for $6 makes me feel pretentious. The garlic scapes are out of season but I did manage to get several big bunches (at exorbitant prices) this season.

Of course, I’m not completely abandoning pretentiousness. Today I’m going to a restaurant to eat a fancy tomato sandwich at the price of an entree. I’ll try to post a photo of this regionally famous sandwich. The ingredients for it come from that same farmers’ market I decided to abandon, so it’s a vicious circle.

#countryliving #i❤️ tomatoes

Crucial Reopening

The lockdown is finally ending for the most important place of all, and OMG, I can’t even, what’s going to happen, it’s unbelievable, I had lost all hope but now it’s finally opening up, how am I going to, this is incredible, OMG, OMG, OMG.

Yes, the library service that allows our ridiculously poor university library to borrow books from any library in Illinois reopens on Monday.

I hope they have a really big truck because I’m finally getting me some books. I’ve been holding back since March 17 and I’m about to explode with a firework of book lists.

Walk Away

Often, perseverance isn’t a virtue at all but an incapacity to reevaluate your conclusions when new evidence comes in.

Example. I spent 10 days trying to hire a person to teach two courses that are important to our program but that this Fall have no instructor because of a combination of retirements, sabbaticals, and course releases.

I did everything I could think of but it wasn’t happening. Then I went for a swim and after half a mile suddenly realized that I shouldn’t be hiring anybody to teach these courses at all. It wasn’t working out because it wasn’t supposed to.

By the end of the mile, I knew exactly how to reshuffle things so that the important courses were taught by an experienced colleague. And from there, it was easy to hire people to teach what was left.

If you’ve been trying for a long time and it simply isn’t happening, there is a possibility that it’s time to walk away and do something else.