If Only

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: DHS Confirms Barr Will Be Deploying His Black Ops Interagency Army Nationwide.


It’s, of course, an idiotic lie. But what this poor dumb nitwit doesn’t get is that if this were true, Trump would win the election in a landslide.

Everybody is exhausted watching a bunch of bored, privileged idjits running around playing “revolutionaries.” We all want somebody to be the adult and tell these overgrown babies to go home already.

4 thoughts on “If Only”

  1. When Covid hit people demanded action from the federal government. By abdicating their responsibilities in the face of rioters, local officials have only increased the demand for action to be taken at the federal level. The feds might take their time to arrive, but they will take even longer to leave.


    1. If history is any guide, Trump will cave to Pelosi’s screeching about “nameless stormtroopers” tomorrow and withdraw every federal representative from the root zone. Then he’ll fire Barr and put some unhinged globalist in his place.

      Because that’s how it always works. I sincerely wish it didn’t but it’s what there is.


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