Pretentious No More

I decided to stop going to the farmers’ market because buying 4 big tomatoes for $11 and a bunch of dill flowers for $6 makes me feel pretentious. The garlic scapes are out of season but I did manage to get several big bunches (at exorbitant prices) this season.

Of course, I’m not completely abandoning pretentiousness. Today I’m going to a restaurant to eat a fancy tomato sandwich at the price of an entree. I’ll try to post a photo of this regionally famous sandwich. The ingredients for it come from that same farmers’ market I decided to abandon, so it’s a vicious circle.

#countryliving #i❤️ tomatoes

5 thoughts on “Pretentious No More”

  1. This is so weird to me. My own local farmer’s market is a place to get excellent produce for very good prices. You may as well grow your own dill at those prices — for about half that you could get a bunch of little dill plants and then pick what you want for free.


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