Restaurant Life

I went to a local restaurant yesterday. It used to be the most popular place in town because it serves both regular people food (pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, gigantic portions of fries) at modest prices and fru-fru foodie options for the college crowd (chicken liver mousse, okonomiyaki, kale salad, and $12 tomato sandwiches).

Normally, it would be so packed on a Saturday night, you’d have to wait two hours to get seated. Never took reservations because why bother? It’s standing room only most nights.

Well, yesterday it was deserted. We are a college town so everybody watches CNN and feels terrified. I can’t imagine how the restaurant will survive.

On the other hand, Texas Roadhouse, also known as the Trump Supporters’ place, is reliably packed every day of the week. I’ve never been but I’m extremely curious about what it is that people love about it so much.

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Life”

  1. When the places people can go and the things people can do narrow, of course the place they are “allowed” to go gets packed. I think those people are hungry for the experience of a sit down restaurant and don’t care so much about the food.

    Many people like steaks and fried food and lots of it, and chain restaurants. shrug

    As for Texas Roadhouse:
    You may want to avoid the giant fried onion. There is a dish called
    “Road Kill.”


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