Easy Tomato Pasta Recipe

Bon Appetit magazine has a section on tomatoes in its August issue, and I’m plowing through the recipes. Today’s was this very easy pasta with cherry tomato sauce.

You simply stew the tomatoes in olive oil, some crushed garlic, and red pepper flakes. Squash some but not all of the tomatoes with a wooden spoon. When the sauce begins to form, add al dente pasta, basil leaves, and some grated Parmesan.

It’s ridiculously easy but it tastes really good. The recipe says you can add some sugar to the sauce to reduce the acidity from the tomatoes but my Arkansas tomatoes were very sweet already.

I’m making myself hungry right now which isn’t extremely smart.

How Panic Is Created

This is how panic is created:

You need to pore over the article carefully to discover that the child in question… did not have COVID. He tested negative.

This is one of five million stories like this. “Healthy young person dies with / after / in the vicinity of COVID-like symptoms.” The main symptom is high fever, so that can mean whatever but who cares. You have to sift through the articles forever to discover that the healthy young person in question died in a motorcycle accident, from a gunshot wound, from an overdose, from a fatal worksite accident, or even a suicide.

After seeing such a cynical, concerted effort to terrorize a population that already lacks mental resilience as a result of its opulence, you’ve got to ask why this is being done. Who benefits from the panic? You also need personal strategies of resistance because there’s going to be more of the same. COVID is only a small part of it.

At Each Other’s Throat

So remember how we keep discussing this favorite trick of our economic and moral betters where they sic us at each other while they rob us blind?

Here is a current example.


You are supposed to hate the poor schmucks who refuse to wear masks / who wear masks even in their cars instead of the people who genocided thousands of retirees in nursing homes and still have no idea what the feck they are doing.