Cool Hand-off

I don’t watch Hannity but I’m glad I did see the Tucker-Hannity hand-off today. Tucker had criticized Bezos and his ridiculous wealth on the show, and Hannity just had to tune in with some really inane free-marketeering slogans. The faces Tucker was making at him while he did that were priceless.

Tucker’s got more viewers which goes to show that people are ready for a more complex conservatism than the failed “less taxes more war” kind.

Talking about Propaganda

A great piece on how New Yorker publishes completely ridiculous, false claims and the public eats them up without any questioning.

What’s funny about this kind of thing is that people believe their own lies to the point where they spout clearly ridiculous things without even pausing to think. It’s clearly impossible that “two-thirds of Americans between the ages of fifteen and thirty-four who were treated in emergency rooms suffered from injuries inflicted by police and security guards” (the real number is about 0,2%). No rational person can believe this statement. Yet it gets proudly repeated even by esteemed scholars because it confirms the propaganda they themselves created and then learned to believe.

Teachers and Corona

There has been no recorded case of a teacher catching the coronavirus from a pupil anywhere in the world, according to one of the government’s leading scientific advisers.

Mark Woolhouse, a leading epidemiologist and member of the government’s Sage committee, told The Times that it may have been a mistake to close schools in March given the limited role children play in spreading the virus.

Not that this will convince people to stop begging for more austerity.

Stupid at Jacobin

If you still read Jacobin and take it seriously, you are a very stupid person. I just saw this book review and it’s a total parody. I have freshmen producing more intelligent readings than this silly little airhead. This idiotic piece of fluff takes journalism done by courageous reporters who work in extremely dangerous conditions and curls her lip at them for not catering to her inane hangups of a rich, spoiled twat.

I love the book this loser is pissing on and I deeply admire the truly talented reporters who wrote it.

Another Victim of Peaceful Protesters

Yet another person murdered by the “mostly peaceful protesters.”

Most of the country doesn’t know anything about these victims because their deaths are inconvenient and aren’t being reported.

Is there a website where anybody is keeping a tally of all the dead? Does anybody know?

Opportunism in Slavic Studies

A professor of Slavic Studies is stunned to discover that totalitarian regimes actually put some effort into the propaganda they produce:

The most common question I get asked about children’s literature under Lenin and Stalin is: wasn’t it just propaganda? Well, yes and no. Yes, because for most of the period from 1917–1953 (that is, from the October Revolution to the death of Stalin), the state controlled all publishing and the state had a special interest in educating children with socialist values. But no, because calling something propaganda sometimes assumes that it is flat, uni-dimensional, straight-faced, and tedious – and this children’s literature is colourful, funny, inventive, touching, and witty. And the illustrations are beautiful.

Actually, after the death of Stalin there was no easing of propaganda directed at children and the state still controlled all publishing. But let’s not expect too much from a person who is surprised to find out that colourful and witty propaganda is still propaganda.

I was interested in the book at first but then I saw the whole “well, it’s not really propaganda” and “during the so-called July Days of 1917 there was growing street violence, which was blamed on the Bolsheviks” (which is like saying that street violence in Portland in July of 2020 was blamed on antifas.) The author is trying to whitewash the USSR, and it’s pathetic and ridiculous. But it’s what pays, so I don’t even blame her for this sad, ridiculous opportunism.

Slavic Studies is a dying field, and it’s very clear why.

Stand Up to the Crowd

I detest Rachel Maddow. She’s a liar who does endless harm with her lies. The pseudo journalist who came up with the 1619 project is terrible, too. Don Lemon has become despicable in the past few years.

But if somebody tried to publish their addresses, I’d be horrified and would completely oppose this. If there were crowds of angry right-wing goons attacking people, murdering, burning buildings and terrorizing neighborhoods, I’d really oppose this. Obviously, that doesn’t happen. Angry violent goons who raze entire neighborhoods only exist on the left so my analogy sounds idiotic. I’m trying to make a point, though.

If a person were threatened for having an opinion, I’d be completely on the side of that person. I wouldn’t think it necessary to list everything I disagree with them on.