The Year of the Neurotic

The article should have been titled “The Horror of Having Doctors who Are Total Neurotics.” A romanticization of showy, aggressive neuroticism is what this COVID response is all about. People will forgive you anything if you let them feel like very special cookies who have power over life and death (“stay home, save lives” is one obvious example).

8 thoughts on “The Year of the Neurotic”

  1. Perhaps I’m just being obtuse here but can someone please tell me why this person is horrified not to be sick? (I can’t see behind the paywall: perhaps it’s because they reserve the really good drugs for the terminally ill??? just guessing)

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    1. ” please tell me why this person is horrified not to be sick? ”

      I wouldn’t read the article even if it weren’t behind a paywall but… I’m sure the answer boils down to: I want attention!!!!! Pay attention to me!!!!!!!! Oh the drahmah!!!!!


    2. It makes her feel anxious and neurotic. What if symptoms appear? What if she infects somebody? What if people around her start dropping dead? What if, what if, what if???


      1. Thanks. So she’s just a garden variety hypochondriac. The editors who take advantage of a psychologically disturbed person to print this kind of garbage have absolutely no shame. Lord have mercy!


        1. There’s a huge demand for this, though. This is what the readership wants to hear. My entire FB feed is filled with people re-posting it because they take it completely seriously.


          1. Yes, I get why editors would want to keep the panic fires burning brightly. But they should be deeply ashamed of themselves for publicly magnifying someones mental illness.


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