They Have a Limit

On the positive side, I now regularly get text messages from people who are college professors in the Humanities saying things like, “great Tucker today! Did you watch? It was so cool when he…”

When Tucker was on vacation last week, I even got a couple of texts from said college professors angrily enquiring what happened to Tucker, like I’m the producer or something.

Even a year ago, these same people would have rather eaten crushed glass than be caught consuming any news to the right of Roxane Gay. And now they are developing a secret curiosity as to what the world outside the White Fragility bookclub looks like.

4 thoughts on “They Have a Limit”

  1. I wondered why YouTube had no new Tucker videos and even thought he might had disappeared after being threatened by doxing. Even checked FoxNews site. Now I understand what happened. πŸ™‚


  2. In tangentially-related news, it looks like Scott Alexander over at Slate Star Codex is feeling optimistic enough that he’s put his site back up. I hope that means he’s won this round wtih the NYT.


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