Twitter vs QAnon

I was certain that QAnon was a dumb, if harmless, conspiracy theory. But Twitter is banning it. Which can only mean there’s some truth to it.

9 thoughts on “Twitter vs QAnon”

  1. It used to be, when I ran across wild tales of the fantastically rich social strata being rife with organized pehophilia, my reaction was “wow, some people have been thinking waaay too much about diddling children– most pedos are your creepy uncle anyway.” — like, anything that weird, and that obsessive, must be a case of sublimated urges or repressed memories leaking out in weird ways, right?

    These days… I’m less certain.

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    1. There are so many people who threaten others in egregious ways on Twitter and their movements aren’t banned. The Q folks, on the other hand, are by definition peaceful because they believe in an institutional, political solution. Why ban them and not antifas who have murdered and destroyed cities?

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      1. Yeah, that’s just it. the Twitter banhammer is used in a very obviously skewed way, that has nothing to do with inciting violence or making racist statements, as the stated rules say. Any time your stated rules are noticeably different from your actual rules, people should ask questions.

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    2. ” my reaction was “wow…”

      So many ideas of the crazy conspiracy people have turned out to have some substance that I’m about to start looking for scales on pictures of the Queen….

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  2. My friend had a theory that twitter wants to piss off Qanon, and then maybe one of them will do something violent, then liberals can be like “see, both sides!” about the violence. But even if this is the plan, neither of us think it will work. Qanon people will just move to Parler (crappy conservative twitter alternative) or something.

    Meanwhile in Ohio corruptiongate, one GOP Congressman engages in bizarre whataboutism. I hate Russiagate too…but huh? Unsurprisingly, this guy has gotten tons of money from Firstenergy (the company engaging in bribery.)


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