What Would Obama Do?

Obama, of course, would have had the troops out against the Portland and Minneapolis goons within hours, just like he did during the Michael Brown riots.

This wasn’t because Obama was good or bad. It was because the public wasn’t yet prepared to beg for withdrawal of welfare. And now it is.

The left now despised Obama for not being neoliberal Enough.

The Left Goes Libertarian

The federal government is finally sending forces to Portland to stop the violent destruction that’s been taking place for weeks.

Crowds of people are upset and are clamoring for even more welfare to be withdrawn instead.

A few years ago, only the most hardcore libertarian websites would argue that it’s a great thing to let gangs of violent goons roam around assaulting, looting, murdering and robbing without any state involvement. The market should sort it all out, they said. Those who can hire private bodyguards or move to a gated community should be safe. And everybody else should be screwed.

Now this is a mainstream liberal / leftist position.

Performative Depression

A lot of depression is performative.

(Cue the outrage and the performative descriptions of great suffering. Or not, because believe me, I’ve seen this show).

One of the factors in the rise in depression in developed countries over the last couple of decades might be the social media. It’s very easy to reach large audiences, so the performance gets instant viewers.

Consequently, it’s harder for the sufferers (of this very real, terrible and also often very performative affliction) to get better. The audience is always there, and a social media premium on posting more “depression porn” is high. This is a performance that always has shades of self-righteousness, moral and physical superiority, and “how dare you!” in them, and that’s very addictive.

(Cue the “how dare yous” and “you have no idea how terribles.”)