Ukrainian Comedy

In the meantime, Ukrainians have caught a terrorist.

The president is a stand-up comedian, so even hostage situations are funny.

4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Comedy”

  1. “Ukrainians have caught a terrorist”

    A vegan youtuber (yeah, that’s a thing….) had mixed feelings… but most commenters were decidedly in favor. What’s a little trauma for people if it helps animals?!

    I’m not proud of this but it didn’t take me long to get one of them to admit that they would be in favor of killing those who refused to vegan though only after trying “every other peacefull way to convince them first”….

    What was especially funny was the president’s endorsement of the movie… I know very little Russian and don’t pick up on all the non-verbal features of Russian speakers but it was obvious he thought the whole thing was horseshit.


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