What Would Obama Do?

Obama, of course, would have had the troops out against the Portland and Minneapolis goons within hours, just like he did during the Michael Brown riots.

This wasn’t because Obama was good or bad. It was because the public wasn’t yet prepared to beg for withdrawal of welfare. And now it is.

The left now despised Obama for not being neoliberal Enough.

6 thoughts on “What Would Obama Do?”

  1. \ It was because the public wasn’t yet prepared to beg for withdrawal of welfare. And now it is.

    The one thing I cannot grasp is why the public is prepared now. Because of Trump’s antics robbing everyone of their minds in a fit of a collective hysteria?


    1. It has nothing to do with Trump or Obama. This is clearly a global thing.

      We’ve been talking a lot about the weakening of the nation-state and the advent of the neoliberal globalization. None of it would be happening if people didn’t want it. People clearly do want it. The time for this idea came and people are embracing it. This isn’t sudden or very recent. Things have been going in this direction for a while. We are seeing the concluding stage.

      This is not some “elites” dispossessing the masses. This is masses screaming abd begging to be dispossessed.


  2. I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. During Obama’s presidency, the governor of Missouri called the National Guard to Ferguson in response to the protests over Michael Brown. The governor of Oregon could have done the same in Portland but chose not to.


    1. OK. And? It happened during the Obama administration.

      Or is the idea that people who are objecting are hugely into states rights? Because that’s obviously not true.


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