Is anybody here watching Fauda? We’ve seen the first few episodes and we are loving it but here’s what’s weird. It’s like there are two different civilizations of Jews in the show. One created a lot of sophisticated technology and immediately emigrated to the Moon. Then a new civilization moved in and it’s not particularly strong in the brain department.

I also wish there weren’t so many close shots because we are curious about how people live but all we see are close-ups of faces.

Online Workshop Du Jour

The online workshop on how to make online teaching engaging was so fascinating that I didn’t even notice when it ended. At some point, the monotonous droning in my ear switched off but I’m not sure when.

The highlight of the workshop was when the presenter said, “of course you all know how to share your slides on PowerPoint” and then struggled with sharing his slides for full 10 minutes. And that was the fun part of the experience.

Great Peterson Quote

I find everything that Jordan Peterson writes to be word soup but this is a brilliant quote:

It’s a very rare person who reads history and identifies with the perpetrators. But unless you read history and identify with the perpetrators then you don’t understand history at all.

He could have avoided the word “identify” because it has lost its meaning and will needlessly trigger people. But sifting away complete idiots is his thing, so I get it.