Great Peterson Quote

I find everything that Jordan Peterson writes to be word soup but this is a brilliant quote:

It’s a very rare person who reads history and identifies with the perpetrators. But unless you read history and identify with the perpetrators then you don’t understand history at all.

He could have avoided the word “identify” because it has lost its meaning and will needlessly trigger people. But sifting away complete idiots is his thing, so I get it.

One thought on “Great Peterson Quote”

  1. Liked this definition of white guilt which at last enabled me to start understanding the concept:

    “What is white guilt? It is not a personal sense of remorse over past wrongs. White guilt is literally a vacuum of moral authority in matters of race, equality, and opportunity that comes from the association of mere white skin with America’s historical racism. It is the stigmatization of whites and, more importantly, American institutions with the sin of racism. Under this stigma white individuals and American institutions must perpetually prove a negative–that they are not racist–to gain enough authority to function in matters of race, equality, and opportunity. If they fail to prove the negative, they will be seen as racists. Political correctness, diversity policies, and multiculturalism are forms of deference that give whites and institutions a way to prove the negative and win reprieve from the racist stigma.

    Institutions especially must be proactive in all this. They must engineer a demonstrable racial innocence to garner enough authority for simple legitimacy in the American democracy. No university today, private or public, could admit students by academic merit alone if that meant no black or brown faces on campus. Such a university would be seen as racist and shunned accordingly. White guilt has made social engineering for black and brown representation a condition of legitimacy.”

    From Essay By Shelby Steele
    Harper’s Magazine, November 30, 2002

    Shelby Steele is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. His last book was A Dream Deferred (HarperCollins)


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