Fauda vs Casa de papel

So N refused to watch Fauda because characters in it are living pointless lives. I love the show and will watch it on my own. But together we have now started Casa de papel. I don’t care what we watch but that show is an epitome of vulgarity. Not in a sexual way but because there’s nothing but cliches in it. Maybe it’s supposed to be humorous and I’m slow on the uptake but bleh, what a bad show. I have no idea why it was so popular.


Turns out my husband played the market during the COVID fluctuations and made a nice chunk of cash.

I’m very glad because anything we manage to claw away from the bastards who turned a moderate respiratory illness* into the event of the century is a good thing.

*For everybody under the age of 75.

Saturday Fun

This is what we got from the farmer’s market today for the total of $40, which I think is ridiculous.

We are off on a family trip to the swimming pool and then we are going to a Japanese restaurant. It was the last place we’d gone before the quarantine and going back today is a way of saying that the quarantine is officially over. Not that we’ve been in a real lockdown for more than two weeks.


Did you, folks, hear about the SCOTUS decision in the Nevada church (Cavalry Chapel Dayton Valley vs Sisolak) case? It’s horrible. The only good thing about it is Gorsuch’s short but powerful dissent. I recommend reading it although I can only find files, not links .

New Monastic Order

Yes, the article is annoying but, lady, forget the article. You are a total basket case.

I hope “we” doesn’t include any children because that would be abuse.

And there are many like this. I’ll let you guess who they invariably vote for. Every such thread is identical. “We’ve been sitting at home for months. There is no cancel culture. Defund the police. Trump said he eats children for breakfast.”

It’s like a new monastic order that has excluded itself from public life because regular people don’t live up to their high moral standards.

A Ban on Healing the Mind

What everybody knows but is afraid to say: gender dysphoria is a psychological problem (if the link doesn’t work, it’s titled ”

Freedom to think: the need for thorough assessment and treatment of gender dysphoric children.”

But instead of treating the mind, we mutilate bodies.

The linked article is by somebody who is qualified to heal the mind. But healing is getting outlawed because it doesn’t help sell expensive surgeries and medication. Healing doesn’t help turn a patient – who is often just a kid – into a lifetime invalid who can be exploited endlessly.

Link of the Day

Here’s a fascinating article on the efforts to dismantle the prison system in Washington State.

The logic is the same one we have seen from the airhead of the year, AOC. If there are prisons, racist police will try to fill them by rounding up innocent POC. Closing down prisons will mean there won’t be a space to put the innocent POC. So nobody will suffer and everywhere will be one big suburb.

Please don’t confuse AOC, POC, BIPOC, and MSNBC. It’s crucial that there are as many acronyms as possible because it won’t be real social justice without them.