Fauda vs Casa de papel

So N refused to watch Fauda because characters in it are living pointless lives. I love the show and will watch it on my own. But together we have now started Casa de papel. I don’t care what we watch but that show is an epitome of vulgarity. Not in a sexual way but because there’s nothing but cliches in it. Maybe it’s supposed to be humorous and I’m slow on the uptake but bleh, what a bad show. I have no idea why it was so popular.

12 thoughts on “Fauda vs Casa de papel”

  1. // So N refused to watch Fauda because characters in it are living pointless lives.

    Because of killing each other in a national conflict?


    1. It does seem to be the message of the show. Fundamentally dumb, if nice, people on both sides are running around, killing each other for no discernible reason and without any goal or end in sight.

      He’s also upset that Israel is portrayed as an ugly thirld-world hellhole. I tried to explain that this isn’t all of Israel but it didn’t work.

      I would prefer that the show had actual Israel. Some scenes of how normal people actually live.


      1. // I would prefer that the show had actual Israel.

        I haven’t watched many movies, but an old Israeli movie I loved is “Turn Left at the End of the World.” It is about Israel in the 60ies, so you cannot see modern Israel from it, but it’s very good:

        “The year is 1969. A group of Indian families who migrated to Israel in search of a better life in the West arrive at a small town in the Negev, populated mostly by forlorn Moroccan immigrants. The creative and impetuous Moroccans put down the “black” Indians, while the docile Indians see the Moroccans as ignorant and rude. Within this surreal culture war between the imperial immigrants, two girls – a Moroccan and an Indian – discover the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.”

        Trailer with English transcripts:


  2. News about Tucker:

    “A female former producer at Fox News and another woman who appeared frequently as an on-air commentator on the network have filed a civil lawsuit Monday accusing former longtime anchor Ed Henry of rape, sexual misconduct and harassment.

    Prominent Fox News commentators Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz are also named as defendants in the suit and are accused of sexual misconduct. ”

    As for NYT targeting Tucker’s home, they said “nytimes does not plan to publish Tucker Carlson’s residence, which Carlson was aware of before his broadcast tonight.”

    I like how TC leads his program and he says many correct things, but it doesn’t mean he cannot be misleading about his personal disputes with NYT.


    1. What does “publish his residence” mean? The address? You don’t have to give the exact address to make it clear where a person lives.

      As for “sexual misconduct,” I highly suggest you read the actual accusations. And the almost immediate retraction by the accuser.


  3. “I have no idea why it (casa de papel) was so popular”

    The theme of the show is “no theoretically perfect economic plan can survive contact with human beings” which deeply resonates with lots of people who live in a world wrecked by policies created by technocrats with no understanding of human nature. It’s silly (very silly) at times but it keeps moving forward fast enough that you can ignore a lot of that if you can lean back and accept the pace of the show.

    And many of the characters are well-drawn in popular culture terms. The breakout character was, of course, Berlin. It’s actually a pretty good portrayal of a kind of… flexible? narcissist. Everything he does, good or bad (and he does some of both) is motivated by the same desire – to maintain his self-image. I especially liked Nairobi who stays in the background in the beginning but has some very good moments later on (she’s about the only character that would seem worth knowing in the real world, flawed and struggling but trying).

    I looked up Fauda but unfortunately the only version I can find doesn’t translate the Arabic dialogue which means long stretches of not knowing what’s going on…. so, not now.


  4. Fauda is first class TV – huge thumbs up – written with great sensitivity and intelligence, a definite reason to subscribe to Netflix. Lior Raz is perfect.

    “killing each other for no discernible reason and without any goal or end in sight”

    But isn’t that the sad reality. The Israelis have tried many times to find a road to peace but the last thing the criminal gangs that run the Palestinians want is peace. Fauda offers viewers a glimpse of the complexity within both sides of the conflict.


  5. America looks kind of frightening tonight.

    “One person dead in shooting at Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas”

    This video below is only 1:15 long, but shows riots in 4 different places. What stands out to me is both the amount of shooting and that this shooting often goes unpunished. For instance, the video says in Colorado, when a car drove through the crowd, “protesters reportedly shot at the driver, injuring two people.” The car doesn’t look like a police car to me, but I may be mistaken.


    1. Absolutely. And it’s not covered by any major media so many people have no idea about the number of assaults, burned buildings, and sheer mayhem caused by these evil goons.


      1. // And it’s not covered by any major media

        Isn’t Fox News major media? You once said new immigrants watch it since the language there is the simplest in comparison to others. 🙂

        I’ve started listening to YouTube segments of American talk show programs and after several hours discovered just how partisan they all were. You said you used to read pro-Putin sources too to understand the situation in Ukraine, do you also continue reading liberal news sources in addition to Carlson?

        Our version of protests:

        “Police: Two arrested for attacking anti-Netanyahu protesters across country
        Officers use water cannons to disperse protests while counter-protesters detained for allegedly using pepper spray on demonstrators in Ramat Gan and stabbing a man in southern Israel”

        Btw, if you do watch that Israeli movie, would love to hear whether you and N liked it.


  6. Somebody is still doing real journalism! Michael Tracey “made a point to spend six weeks traveling around the country,” interviewing people (often black & minorities) in the cities which had riots. It’s the most informative article I’ve seen yet:

    Two months since the riots, and still no “National Conversation”
    View at Medium.com

    What stood out to me was the racism within the BMPOC (? Black Minority People of Color):

    “Across the street from that Lao community center is a pizza shop at which the majority of the workers are Hispanics. One worker said they’d been told by an ad-hoc activist group to proclaim themselves “black owned” (the owner is, in fact, black) so that people don’t get the wrong impression when they see mostly Hispanics working there.”

    Are Hispanics white-adjacent too now?

    The author has also Twitter:


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