Saturday Fun

This is what we got from the farmer’s market today for the total of $40, which I think is ridiculous.

We are off on a family trip to the swimming pool and then we are going to a Japanese restaurant. It was the last place we’d gone before the quarantine and going back today is a way of saying that the quarantine is officially over. Not that we’ve been in a real lockdown for more than two weeks.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Fun”

  1. It’s ‘ridiculous” unless you’re a farmer dealing with myriad regulations, scarcity & high cost of labor, etc. One thing America has had almost since the beginning is low cost of its food as % of per capita income. With the flood of imported (countries which have cheap labor and few regs.) fruit and vegetables, soon the refrain may be: “if you liked imported oil, you’ll love imported food.”


  2. Unrelated:
    It made me furious. I cannot stand people catastrophizing things like not having a birthday party. FFS. The kids are fine, just spend some time with them, read to them, get them some perler beads or other shit for arts and crafts or go kick a ball with them or walk in the woods. They are not losing a fucking year. They are not in a coma. They are fine and not sick or hungry and they’re with their parents. They’d be even better, perfect, if the parents weren’t constantly going apeshit because of too much Twitter doomscrolling (excellent neologism, btw).

    I cannot stand the fucking hysterics of minor inconveniences being painted as the end of the world. Seriously, I am now quite grateful to have grown up in as chaotic of a place as I did, so I don’t have to pull my hair out over my kid missing a birthday party they are too young to remember anyway pr not being able to “make plans.” Fucking stay put and access the inside of your head; theoretically, there should be plenty in there to keep you entertained for a lifetime, but somehow I feel most have no ability whatsoever to occupy themselves in the absence of external people, food, or entertainment.

    Fucking whiners.


    1. That’s exactly how I feel! And I’ve been saying the same thing about being happy over my origins. We experienced a lot of stuff when I was growing up. Once, we didn’t have running water for three months in the midst of a scorching summer. We went through two currency changes while I was in my teens. Inflation reached 1,500%. Everybody’s savings were wiped out. It wasn’t easy but I swear, I don’t remember anybody going to pieces like this.

      I’m also annoyed at the drama over “the poor kids.” My kid is having the time of her life. The kids need parents who are fine, who aren’t clawing the walls in manufactured distress and aren’t making a huge drama over nothing.

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