Beautiful Vision

I was falling asleep when all of a sudden an image of a piping hot soft pizza with artichokes, garlic and mushrooms jolted me awake.

A Gap Year for Everybody

There is no such thing as online learning for children. Placing children in front of screens for hours a day constitutes child abuse. There is absolutely no pedagogical rationale to doing that to children. If screen-free teaching can’t be offered because of COVID concerns, schooling should be canceled completely until schools can be safely reopened. The money that goes to maintain public schools should be refunded to the taxpayers.

Obviously, mothers will be screwed but they are screwed either way.

Making children sit in front of screens shouldn’t be an option at all.

Life expectancy is long so who cares if kids graduate high school at 19 and not 18? I’m completely serious.

Fanatical Youth

A disturbingly high percentage of people polled earlier this month think private political donations should be grounds for getting fired. The number was especially high among respondents under age 30, with 44 percent of the youngest group saying business leaders who donate to Donald Trump should be fired and 27 percent saying the same for execs who give to Joe Biden.

The under-30ies on both sides seem to be profoundly stupid and mentally unstable. It’s clearly worse on one side than the other but neither side is immune.

Of course, there’s a group that’s even dumber. It consists of people who think they’ve got nothing to worry about if the words “business leaders” don’t describe them.

Link of the Day

This is a really powerful piece on how people whose lives were upended by the riots are trying to cope with the aftermath.

If you don’t have time to read, the photos tell the story very well. And it’s a story that isn’t covered by any major media.

The people who are still egging on the “peaceful protesters” don’t live in the looted and burned down neighborhoods. They can afford not to know what price the voiceless, insignificant victims of the Wokester Revolution have paid for their bizarre new form of entertainment.

The Famous Dead

So whom are you mourning among the famous people who recently died?

I’m mourning Peter Linehan and Juan Marsé.

Linehan once made the publishers retract a Spanish edition of one of his books because the writing was so bad. He always prided himself on the beauty of his language. A true scholar, an erudite, and an example to all Hispanists.

Juan Marsé is one of the best Spanish novelists of the second half of the twentieth century. And it’s saying a lot because there are so many great ones.