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This is a really powerful piece on how people whose lives were upended by the riots are trying to cope with the aftermath.

If you don’t have time to read, the photos tell the story very well. And it’s a story that isn’t covered by any major media.

The people who are still egging on the “peaceful protesters” don’t live in the looted and burned down neighborhoods. They can afford not to know what price the voiceless, insignificant victims of the Wokester Revolution have paid for their bizarre new form of entertainment.

6 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. The author of the below article conducted an investigation with names and exact sums of money ‘donated’. She also has a blog on this topic, if you’re interested.

    This info reminded me of your idea to stop giving tax credits for donations. Then I didn’t understand why it was a worthy idea to consider, but if most large donations are tools to promote corporate interests…

    How LGBT Nonprofits And Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping The World
    Transgender ideology is being pushed on us by corporate interests through their philanthropic arms.


    1. I’ve been saying for years that this is about consumerism. It’s not just the pharma/medical profits. The idea is to get all of us to buy two wardrobes and two sets of everything to perform our different gender identities. Fifty percent of the population has never and will never buy nail polish or lipstick. That’s a gigantic untapped market. Imagine opening that up. Remember Kaitlyn Jenner’s “now that I’m a woman I can finally buy nail polish”? That’s what it’s all about. It’s gigantic profits. Obviously, it won’t work with men who are 40. But nobody cares about them. It’s the ones who are 40 weeks old that are the target. There’s a chance to open them up to a lot more consumption. And all it takes is a little indoctrination.


      1. That makes a lot of sense of why lesbians and FTMs are getting such short shrift in the current scene (you notice ALL the publicity is MTFs and their needs. Women who want to be men, or just dress masculine, are scaling down as consumers: they’ve been lost to the market for razors, makeup, ridiculous bath products, disposable fashion, uncomfortable shoes, bras, fancy underwear, pantyhose, most jewelry and accessories, hair products…

        Back in my dress-like-a-guy days this was a definite bonus. I could seriously have two pairs of jeans, a five-pack of Hanes cotton T-shirts, a six-pack of white socks, a pair of sneakers, and some basic underwear, and I was all set! No other wardrobe needed! And I could cut my own hair with a buzzer. I miss that convenience, sometimes.


        1. Exactly! It all becomes so much clearer once we tune out all the meaningless noise about identities and concentrate on the profits.

          Bras. I always say it’s worth being a woman just to experience the sublime pleasure of removing the bra in the evening.

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  2. In another article about trans phenomenon, she predicts

    “We are witnessing the birth of an industry, one that rejects biological reality. If we continue to allow for this social engineering, we can expect other medical identities to emerge, identities that will need medical and technological interventions for life in order to exist. These identities will be protected by laws that are now being implemented, purportedly to protect feelings, but are in reality legally deconstructing biological sex and what it means to be human.”

    Can anyone guess what those new medical identities will be?

    Several years ago we had a conversation on this blog whether and how the youths of the future will be able to shock the tolerant and open-minded us. Looks like the answers are starting to arrive …



    1. Oh, there are already plenty who can’t wait to get electronic implants. Those will really suck when Microsoft or Samsung or whatever comes out with a new model, and stops offering support for the old operating system…


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