The Famous Dead

So whom are you mourning among the famous people who recently died?

I’m mourning Peter Linehan and Juan Marsé.

Linehan once made the publishers retract a Spanish edition of one of his books because the writing was so bad. He always prided himself on the beauty of his language. A true scholar, an erudite, and an example to all Hispanists.

Juan Marsé is one of the best Spanish novelists of the second half of the twentieth century. And it’s saying a lot because there are so many great ones.

4 thoughts on “The Famous Dead”

  1. Dr. Mike Adams. I’d never met him in person, but we were “Facebook friends” and had many mutual friends, and we shared several passions, including a deep desire to see intellectual diversity in academia. His refusal to back down and be “canceled” made just about every single leftist hate him, and his enemies were often rabid with rage and unbridled vitriol. I can say with 100% certainty that none of those who hated him bothered to try to understand him. Heck, they didn’t even make the effort to read the things he wrote in their entirety – they could never get past the stuff they insisted on lifting out of context. None of them knew – or cared – who he really was or had any appreciation for the lost art of satire. Mike was truly gifted with sardonic wit! He was also a deeply kind and caring man who felt it his duty to do everything he could to protect freedom of speech and fight for intellectual diversity.

    His death has hit me like a wrecking ball. I haven’t really been able to sleep since learning about it Thursday evening. I can honestly say I have never felt so much physical pain over a death before, even the deaths of close family members.
    While my loss is personal and my grief profound, his death truly is a tragic loss for every single academic trying to hold back the Marxist tide. He stood in the gap for so many students and tried so hard to get people to just take a stand. Instead, he was almost always left completely alone to face down the vitriolic leftists. Whether his death ends up being ruled a suicide or not, both the rabid left and those who weren’t on the left but were too cowardly to stand against it are absolutely responsible.


    1. What a tragedy! Adams was an icon from back in the early 2000s when somebody was trying to get his university to hand over his emails over some imagined transgression.

      The coverage of his tragic death has been absolutely shameless. Even in death a person gets no mercy from the deranged crowds. They are picking us off one by one.

      I’m so sorry for your loss which is a loss to all of us, even those who are too dumb to understand it.

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  2. Saw yesterday that

    “‘Gone With The Wind’ star Olivia de Havilland dies aged 104”

    Haven’t seen the movie and I cannot mourn her, but it’s kind of symbolic, the end of an era.

    Usually, when a famous actress dies, her movies are put on air again for a while, but not this movie in today’s US.


    1. ” but not this movie in today’s US”

      Well GWTW was never broadcast frequently in the US… it wasn’t broadcast at all until 1976 (a major event at the time).

      de Havilland did a lot more than GWTW though (and while she did a good enough job at it Melanie wasn’t the kind of part that gives an actress much to work with).

      But she was great in movies like To each his own, the Snakepit and the Heiress. She’s also an important historical figure in Hollywood history for knocking one of the first bricks out of the wall known as the studio system….


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