Ukrainian Fasting

I’m trying to explain intermittent fasting to my mom.

“So for 18 hours a day you don’t eat. And then there’s a six-hour window when you do eat.”

“The whole six hours you eat?” she asks. “That’s not too bad.”

3 thoughts on “Ukrainian Fasting”

  1. That made me laugh. I have several Muslim friends who would tell her that their experience – at least when Ramadan falls over the summer months – does not support that doing it that way has ever led to weight loss. 😁

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  2. If you do keto correctly and intermittent fasting it apparently does work. My colleague does it like this: drink tea, meditate and stretch, then prepare class for two hours, then have keto brunch (leisurely hour-long meal, opening the window). Then teach for four hours straight. Then have keto dinner (leisurely one-hour meal, closing the window). Then go for a walk. Then grade for two hours. Then stretch again, walk around. Then go read, watch movies. Then sleep.

    This is an 8 hour workday with 8 hours of sleep and two regular meals, with a lot of water and herbal tea involved, and it does involve some exercise and recreation, although the whole thing seems rather monastic. He’s lost a good deal of weight, though, and looks fantastic.


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