More Fauda

What I don’t like about Fauda is that the English voiceover gave all the Jewish characters these very Eastern European shtetl accents. Where I’m from, these are the accents anti-semites used to mock Jews so they bug me.

I also don’t like how identical the characters look. I’m six episodes in and I still can’t figure out if Doron’s wife is cheating on him with his brother (who then turned out to be her brother), three of his co-workers, or the terrorist he’s hunting. I understand that the point is precisely that people who are exactly the same are killing each other for no reason but it’s hard to keep track of the characters.

I wonder if people in Arab countries are making shows about how both sides are equally immoral and nobody is better than anybody else.

It’s a great show, though.

Stay Home

I believe that teachers who feel worried or concerned about coming back to work absolutely should stay home. And only those who feel comfortable with teaching in person should go back to work.

That’s it. Problem solved.

What will they do for income? Well, the same thing that they currently expect parents to do if schools don’t reopen. I don’t know what that thing is because they aren’t communicating it to the public. But whatever it is, they should be absolutely free to do it. It must be something really great judging on how carelessly and eagerly they inflict this wonderful option on the public.

HCQ and Profit

Twitter and Facebook are still waging a war on hydroxychloroquine. It’s understandable given that they profit from the belief that there’s no preventative and no cure so we should all sit at home and use their products.

What’s funny is how easy it was to convince millions to dismantle their lives and forfeit their capacity to make a living to be able to take the side of Facebook and Co.

HCQ is cheap and doesn’t bring much profit so what’s being monetized is its artificially manufactured absence.