Stay Home

I believe that teachers who feel worried or concerned about coming back to work absolutely should stay home. And only those who feel comfortable with teaching in person should go back to work.

That’s it. Problem solved.

What will they do for income? Well, the same thing that they currently expect parents to do if schools don’t reopen. I don’t know what that thing is because they aren’t communicating it to the public. But whatever it is, they should be absolutely free to do it. It must be something really great judging on how carelessly and eagerly they inflict this wonderful option on the public.

7 thoughts on “Stay Home”

  1. Yes, this is exactly what needs to be done. Teachers can retire fairly early compared to other professions so the “at risk” group is practically not a problem and the ones who don’t want to work, they are not good teachers anyway.

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  2. Here’s my problem: I have students who don’t want to come. If I teach online they don’t have to rent a place to live, and don’t risk the disease. Now I really don’t know what to do.


    1. Every in person class at my University has to accommodate students who do not want to come in person. This essentially means that those teaching in person offer the same class twice – in person and online. All lectures have to be recorded and there has to be an option to take exams online. Fun times.


      1. I’m starting really to appreciate my school after hearing these stories. There was a suggestion to do what you describe at my school but the administration shot it down because it’s an unfair burden on faculty. Now f2f will be regular f2f (except for what the state requires in terms of masks and social distancing) and online will be online. I’m teaching f2f and I informed students already that if they aren’t comfortable with that, they need to drop out. There’s no online option in my courses. So far nobody dropped out but we’ll see.


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