The Link of the Day…

is this wonderful article titled “The Exit Of 12,000 US Troops Is The Single Worst Event In German History.”

It’s very funny and very good. Highly recommended.


Remember how 10-15 years ago we were all in favor of sex ed at school because it’s important that children learn about contraception?

Well, I was always against because the whole idea is ridiculous in the age of the internet. But that’s not the point. The point is that it seemed like an innocent and reasonable thing. But as always, it was a very slippery slope that led to this.

Or remember gay conversion? Every reasonable person was and still is against. But it’s been weaponized to make sure nobody dares help kids with gender dysphoria.

All of our good, kind feelings are being weaponized against us.


America has lost over a hundred thousand local, independent retail businesses, a drop of 40 percent from 2000 to 2015, largely due to Amazon.

And we are losing more right now, once again due largely to Amazon whose owner is spreading corona-panic in the newspaper he controls. And of course Facebook which censors any corona news that aren’t bleak and scary.

This is how you wipe out the competition while the competition squeaks gratefully and licks your hand as a sign of devotion.

Getting Rid of Competition

Remember: this isn’t about COVID. This isn’t about George Floyd. This isn’t about racism. It isn’t even about the election.

It’s job wars. It’s all job wars.

The purpose of depriving eight-graders of school and sticking them into daycare is to make sure they’ll never catch up and never compete with… the children of the people who are stoking the COVID panic.