Daycare for Teenagers

Instead of school, children up to eighth grade will be corralled into “extended daycare” that parents will have to pay for.

Cool racket, eh?

6 thoughts on “Daycare for Teenagers”

  1. ““extended daycare” that parents will have to pay for.”

    Neoliberalism in a nutshell: Replace “E pluribus unum”with “Bleed those suckers dry!”


  2. It is odd that they’re going up to the 13-14 age range. Usually it stops at about 8-10 or so, because overall around 12 kids are generally trusted to be on their own for a few hours.


  3. The level of craziness is mind boggling. If children can safely go to daycare, they can safely go to school. My child has been in daycare for the past six weeks without a problem (and children at that age lick literally everything).


  4. This is funny as I live in South Pasadena. I have long assumed that the real purpose of school was daycare, not education. If I were put in charge of a school, I would make a conscious break between daycare and schooling. You drop your kids off at my school. They are not allowed to have phones or tablets with them, though they are allowed to use school computers to pursue whatever online education they are involved in. We will have knowledgable people floating around that you could talk to and who will occasionally form small discussion groups so that students could pursue their interests together.


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