Getting Rid of Competition

Remember: this isn’t about COVID. This isn’t about George Floyd. This isn’t about racism. It isn’t even about the election.

It’s job wars. It’s all job wars.

The purpose of depriving eight-graders of school and sticking them into daycare is to make sure they’ll never catch up and never compete with… the children of the people who are stoking the COVID panic.

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Competition”

  1. Today I read about the situation in Israel.

    Kindergarteners and grades 1-2 (ages 6-7) will study as usual.

    Grades 3-4 (ages 8-9) will also study at school full time, but the groups will be split so that no more than 18 students study together (unstead of the usual 30-40+). I believe not studying in overcrowded classrooms will be only good for the kids.

    Grades 5-12 (ages 10-18) will study in a hybrid system of school attendance (at least 2 days a week) and study from home.

    Of course, it’s all free for parents and, I suppose, will depend on a situation with a virus in a particular city. They say “at least” 2 days of physically coming to school, but it may be all five. The Minister of Education says he’ll make an effort to let grades 5-6 (ages 10-11) learn the maximum number of days. Think it’s true for grades 7-12 too.

    The problem is lack of teachers and of space, of rooms in school buildings, if classes are split in half.

    The article says

    “The Ministry of Education will be coming out in the coming days with a call for teaching staff, teaching assistants and even tour guides and others who have experience with children and a bachelor’s degree and are not currently working due to the corona”


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