America has lost over a hundred thousand local, independent retail businesses, a drop of 40 percent from 2000 to 2015, largely due to Amazon.

And we are losing more right now, once again due largely to Amazon whose owner is spreading corona-panic in the newspaper he controls. And of course Facebook which censors any corona news that aren’t bleak and scary.

This is how you wipe out the competition while the competition squeaks gratefully and licks your hand as a sign of devotion.

7 thoughts on “Wipeout”

  1. Have you SEEN the Barr hearing from yesterday yet? Total Sh*tshow. But the interrogations were revealing: no concern or even acknowledgment at all from D politicians about job loss, businesses demolished in the lockdowns or in the rioting, they seemed to have a coordinated strategy of talking for as long as possible before asking a question, and then not letting Barr answer the question. Some golden moments of revealing their real motivations though:

    Raskin whingeing about how we didn’t lock down enough, and now OMG WE CAN’T TRAVEL TO EUROPE. He didn’t word it that way, of course, but… we all know his concerns lie with the sort of people who can afford a Paris getaway, and a big donation to his campaign. Screw all you unemployed.

    Then Correa whining about how censused illegal immigrants should be counted for apportionment, so his district can get more federal $$$– as if districts that don’t enforce immigration law should be rewarded with federal funds for it!

    Then McBath– holy crap what a vile piece of work! Like three straight minutes grandstanding, then asking a totally ridiculous question, talking over him when the answer isn’t what she wants, and then ANSWERING FOR HIM: “I’ll take that as a no” TWICE. A total “When did you stop beating your wife” sort of question, too.



    1. No, unfortunately. And than you for the recap. I heard that Barr did amazing. He’s a brilliant guy, which his opponents often forget because of his appearance.


  2. Still listening to the last bit, where we have Mr. Stanton saying, basically, “Will you commit to subverting the law to allow rampant voter fraud?” and Barr is like “I’ll follow the law, dude.” and Stanton looks down his nose like Barr is a revolting vermin and goes “That’s so disappointing, we couldn’t get a clear answer.” BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T LET HIM TALK YOU JERK.

    I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. My eye sockets are hurting from the effort.

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  3. Is this going to change anything?

    Live Updates: CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google face congressional antitrust grilling


    OT: Clarissa, how are things with Ukraine lately? Do you still closely follow Russian and Ukrainian news? I try to follow, but many are so politicized against Zelensky that knowing truth is hard. From what I understood, there are no big changes in Ukraine or in the state of the conflict there.


    1. As for Ukraine, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic. They are trying to introduce some really important reforms. It’s hard, there’s a ton of resistance but the process is underway. This kind of change is always excruciatingly slow and people lose patience but it’s the only way.

      We all know how I felt about Zelensky. I’m still not a fan, to put it mildly. But now I can say that he’s genuinely trying. Or his team is, whatever. They are genuinely trying to reform the terribly corrupt judiciary, for instance. That’s important and deserves nothing but praise. So I’m more optimistic now than I’ve been in years.


      1. And yeah, people are like broken records about Zelensky. It’s identical to the Trump situation or to Brexit. They have decided they hate him and now whatever he does just has to be evil. It’s really annoying.


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