Poll: How I Changed My Mind

The winner of our most recent blog challenge, reader methylethyl, has requested a post about something on which I had changed my mind.

There’s been so much, though. How do I choose? Let’s vote and decide together. And please remember: it makes me really happy when people vote in my polls.

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Is it true that Obama talked about doing away with the filibuster while giving a eulogy today?

The last argument against Trump – that he’s crude, self-serving, insensitive and impervious to human emotions – begins to lose meaning because if that’s everybody, then it doesn’t matter.

New Phone

I had to get a new phone because I’m tired of committing unnatural acts with the old one to get it to work. The AT&T worker struggled for 2 hours to sync up the old and the new phones. I had a planner to decorate so I let him have at it but two hours in it got kind of ridiculous and I told the fellow I was going to do it myself at home.

The super cool Gen Z guy was very unimpressed by the idea that an oldster like me could do something that defeated him but I know a secret that eludes the young ‘uns: whatever you need related to tech, there’s an app for that. I downloaded an app and easily synced my phone.

And which app was the first I opened after being reunited with my phone? This one, of course. Because this is how much you all mean to me.

Now let’s bitch about in-built obsolescence because the “old” phone is younger than my kid. I remember taking her in a stroller to get it. I never dropped it or did it any harm. I use it heavily, of course, because who doesn’t but so? And it’s already half useless.


I dislike libertarianism more than even woke Leftism (which is a tautology because it’s not like there’s any other kind of Leftism anymore but whatever). Libertarianism is one-dimensional, primitive, and its robotic obsessiveness snacks of neurosis. Woke Leftism can at least still surprise one. You’d think that it can’t possibly get any dumber but then it does, and you go, “wow, I wonder how they always manage to sink to new lows.”

Libertarianism, though – if you heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times.

Still, now that I’m a low-level bureaucrat at a state university, I’m kind of starting to understand libertarians. I knew bureaucracy was bad but I had absolutely no idea how bad. The amounts of money and effort expended on this extraordinarily stupid stuff make me want to hide under the bed with my Ayn Rand book collection and a portrait of Milton Friedman.

Same People

I offered somebody to teach a fully online course with us but he refused because he doesn’t want to catch the virus.


It’s always people with the exact same politics who are like this. There’s nothing strange in that because the same news sources that exalt BLM are the most active COVID-mongerers.

A Good Idea from Teachers’ Unions

Everybody is ragging on the teachers’ unions for this but I think it’s the most reasonable thing they’ve said in months:

Yes! Limit, or better yet remove completely, online teaching for anybody at least under the age of 15. If we need to bribe the teachers with full salaries and even raises, let’s do that. Anything to spare kids from the detrimental effects of staring at screens and calling it education.