New Phone

I had to get a new phone because I’m tired of committing unnatural acts with the old one to get it to work. The AT&T worker struggled for 2 hours to sync up the old and the new phones. I had a planner to decorate so I let him have at it but two hours in it got kind of ridiculous and I told the fellow I was going to do it myself at home.

The super cool Gen Z guy was very unimpressed by the idea that an oldster like me could do something that defeated him but I know a secret that eludes the young ‘uns: whatever you need related to tech, there’s an app for that. I downloaded an app and easily synced my phone.

And which app was the first I opened after being reunited with my phone? This one, of course. Because this is how much you all mean to me.

Now let’s bitch about in-built obsolescence because the “old” phone is younger than my kid. I remember taking her in a stroller to get it. I never dropped it or did it any harm. I use it heavily, of course, because who doesn’t but so? And it’s already half useless.

5 thoughts on “New Phone”

  1. That is great! I refuse to have a smartphone. I have no tech-savvy at all. But I can usually fix my own computer, when things don’t work. There is this one great trick! I get on a search engine, I search for “My XYZ printer won’t work with ZYX operating system, how to fix”, I find someone who has solved the same problem, and I follow their directions. Same thing works for minor car repairs, plumbing, non-life-threatening medical complaints, fixing the clothes-dryer, broken furniture…

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  2. “Now let’s bitch about in-built obsolescence”

    100% agree with you here. I am currently waiting for a new phone I ordered to arrive to a shop since my phone has no Internet, only receives usual calls now. This phone is less than 5 years old!

    Of course, may be it’s partly my own fault since during a corona scare, when it just begun, I started washing it with soap after returning home and some water got in. The new phone is supposedly water-resistant, but I am not planning to check it and won’t wash it even with alcogel (*).

    Btw, the phone worked for several weeks after a shop worker fixed it after washing, so it may be not because of soap, who knows.

    “I refuse to have a smartphone.”

    I am afraid to be without whatsapp even for a few days, the way I am now, since important notices from work are sent via it. When I get whatsapp again, will have to check with several people whether they sent something I missed.

    In addition, distant learning makes whatsapp and other things in a smartphone a must.

    (*) A hand sanitizer in the form of an alcohol gel.


    1. This is why I will not have a smartphone. I know people who behave this way around their smartphones who don’t even have a job. Smartphones turn normal people into neurotic OCD freaks. I’ve got enough anxiety in my life. Don’t need that.


      1. Absolutely. I’m completely addicted to mine, which is why I don’t recommend getting one to anyone. You will get addicted. Nobody is such a special cookie that they won’t.


        1. I won’t lie and pretend I’m a beacon of virtue and self-restraint. I had to delete solitaire from my desktop because I behaved addictively toward it. Solitaire. Let’s not get into the FB versions of Scrabble and Boggle. Those are basically heroin.


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