Poll: How I Changed My Mind

The winner of our most recent blog challenge, reader methylethyl, has requested a post about something on which I had changed my mind.

There’s been so much, though. How do I choose? Let’s vote and decide together. And please remember: it makes me really happy when people vote in my polls.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: How I Changed My Mind”

  1. May be, 2-3 posts? 🙂
    Marriage, Midwest and big vs small city sound fascinating.
    Trump too, but you’ve written a lot about him, so I chose others first.


  2. On a personal note, if one has to choose one subject, I would love to read your post about marriage because of personal reasons.

    May be, it would help change my mind too.


  3. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, it seems! The only things on the list that are entirely a mystery to me are tectonic upheavals in your taste in pizza and tea.


  4. I voted for marriage. Another thing that interests me, but that was not offered in the poll would be to discuss your evolution towards conservatism. “Trump” is too narrow and, I suspect, does not cover many of the relevant details.


  5. Ooh, I never know which box to pick! You cannot tell from the outside which one has the most stuff in it 😉 It is the process of change that I am interested in, rather than the specific topic…


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