Clinton and Guilt

Not a fan of Bill Clinton at all but this whole thing with how he was in the same place where somebody did something bad on a different occasion has got to stop. If there are allegations against Clinton for molestation, absolutely, let the bastard rot. But if there aren’t, let’s quit with baseless accusations.

Guilt by association is a bad societal standard to uphold. Screw Clinton. Tomorrow it will be used against you.

Watch Before It’s Censored

Facebook, YouTube and Google have been trying to censor this video by Heather McDonald. Please watch it because it explains perfectly why BLM is based on a pack of lies. These aren’t people who have a righteous cause but whose methods are questionable. No, these are terrible people who want to prevent any advancement for African Americans.

Yes, There Is Upward Mobility

Our ideological overlords keep saying that there’s no meritocracy or upward mobility because it’s their way of demoralizing competition.

They want you to think it’s a waste of time to try to better your lot. The more passive you are, the more thoroughly convinced that the system is stacked against you, the easier it is for those bastards to squeeze you out of all opportunities.

American Fanatics

I never saw real fanatics in the USSR. They had long all been killed by the time I was born. Around me, everybody mouthed slogans, and most people even believed in them in the sense that people don’t tend to question things they perceive as widespread beliefs.

But nobody I ever met was emotionally or intellectually invested in the dogma.

For the first time in my life, I’m seeing fanatical believers in a political doctrine here in the US. I have no idea how to act around them because I have no experience. These are people who are impervious to all reason because they are in a grip of a violent emotion they don’t control.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if only these fanatics had no access to power. But they will control all institutions within a few years. Yes, they will devour each other in the end and disappear. But they will create a lot of destruction before that.

But Why

People, dear friends, wonderful human beings. Please don’t ask me “why, but why?” when I relate instances of COVID-insanity.

I don’t know why. I’ve been asking why for months. I want to howl whenever anybody says, in a voice of a star of an amateur provincial theater, “We will never go back to normal! This is the new normal!”

There are countries where nobody is doing it, nobody locks up, washes groceries in sanitizer, or wears face diapers. And their numbers are like everybody else’s. But why? Probably because neurosis isn’t a cure.

But Still

“I started teaching a face-to-face course earlier this month,” a colleague says plaintively. “But then two students got sick, and of course it terrified everybody else, so we were forced to move the class online.”

“Wait!” the Dean exclaims. “Two students got sick? Why wasn’t I informed?? When did they test positive??”

“Well, they didn’t test positive for COVID,” the professor explained. “They had seasonal allergies. But still.”

Hiring Woes

I have a dilemma. Before I hire anybody, I have to fill out a paper explaining what race they are and if it’s an undesirable race, I have to explain why I’m hiring a white person.

Since it’s COVID time, many of the people I hire are not local and I don’t meet them in person. I don’t do Zoom interviews either because life is too short and I’m overzoomed already.

So how am I supposed to know the applicants’ race? Seriously, what’s the strategy? Do a Zoom meeting just to ascertain their color? Investigate them online? Ask the area supervisor who does know them in person? “By the way, what color is Josh?” All of this feels deeply bizarre.

On the positive side, I think I finally found people to cover all our courses in the Fall. I now know that our biggest problem is finding people to teach the beginner language courses. Since full-time instructors are unionized, it’s impossible to hire them without getting something like a non-tenure line approved, and that’s extremely hard. So we have to scramble to find a bunch of mostly random people for these courses every semester. Departments with graduate programs use graduate students for this but we are screwed.

There is a way out. It consists of repealing the language requirement and not offering beginner level language courses at all.