But Why

People, dear friends, wonderful human beings. Please don’t ask me “why, but why?” when I relate instances of COVID-insanity.

I don’t know why. I’ve been asking why for months. I want to howl whenever anybody says, in a voice of a star of an amateur provincial theater, “We will never go back to normal! This is the new normal!”

There are countries where nobody is doing it, nobody locks up, washes groceries in sanitizer, or wears face diapers. And their numbers are like everybody else’s. But why? Probably because neurosis isn’t a cure.

12 thoughts on “But Why”

  1. I would also like to understand why. From what I see, COVID is now a bigger mental health crisis than physical. I have a colleague in his late 30-s who is completely convinced that he cannot teach in person until there’s a vaccine. This is an otherwise healthy person btw. Another has not let her 7 year old go to the park or play with a single other child since March. We live in a place with good weather and large outdoor parks which are mostly empty, so there’s no good reason for it. A third who lives in a state with less COVID deaths than Denmark thinks he’s going to die if he teaches in person this fall. I could go on and on, but the mind boggles at the neurosis.


    1. I’m absolutely 100% with you, ABC. It’s disturbing to see people devolving so fast and without any discernible reason.

      I wonder, what if there really were something dangerous? How would they handle it? What’s causing this? The media? There’s got to be a reason.


      1. It is not my original idea, but belongs to John Michael Greer, a SciFi author: It is the death of the religion of Progress. These people all grew up eating, drinking, and breathing the idea that things Must Always Progress, and that history is an arc that bends inevitably toward a better, more advanced future. Technology gets better. Life gets easier. We become better people. And because we are the Good People who are on the Right Side of History, we will always win.

        Reality has not been kind to them lately. But they’re really, really attached to their religion, and are unable to bend to accommodate the reality that we live in a world where resources are limited, human nature doesn’t change, and ever-more-tech imposes ever-more-costs without always making our lives better. Psyches are cracking from the stress. He predicts a lot of them will end up joining some other inflexible and intolerant religion, such as Islam, once they give up on Progress.


        1. “It is the death of the religion of Progress.”

          Interesting idea, but I’m not buying. Progress will be restored when Trump is frog-marched out of the White House. This is a mass hysteria fed by self-interested bureaucrats and politicians and amplified by big media/social media. At no other time in contemporary history has peeing-your-pants fright been promoted so openly, so loudly and so insistently by our elites. “You will die-die-die if you don’t do what I say=say=say.” Politics is the disease and politics will be the cure.

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          1. I dunno. Do you think the dollar, or energy resources, or industrially-farmed topsoil, will last forever?
            I think it’s at least plausible that the elites are running scared, because in an age of declining resources and productivity, we can’t afford most of them.


            1. “the elites are running scared…”

              Elites don’t run scared as long as they’re the ones writing and disseminating the revolutionary manifestos.


        2. Hey, progress is totally happening. These days heretics are only cancelled instead of being burned at the stake. During the current outbreak of mass hysteria, people wear masks to ward off Covid but no human sacrifices are being performed to appease the gods.


          1. “no human sacrifices”

            No one will ever know how many deaths are related to the lockdown – delayed or foregone medical procedures, violence, depression and suicides…

            What’s striking is that our elites are manufacturing a population of sniveling cowards, paralyzed and hiding isolated in their hidey-holes. In the words of The Clash, “they’re working for the clampdown.” None of that old self-reliant “Keep Calm and Carry On” stuff, so absolutely not 2020.


            1. What’s scary is that so many people are so eagerly playing this game. It took – what? – a few lying articles about refrigerators for corpses or secret mass graves you can see from the Moon. And people sheepishly dismantled their lives in response. No critical facilities, no capacity to think for themselves. Blatant lies are being fed to them and they worship those who manipulate them.

              I mentioned on FB that Cuomo mishandled the pandemic response, and a bunch women got completely unhinged. I had to repeatedly ask the worst one to stop harassing me. They really worship Cuomo in a cult-like way.


              1. “so many people are so eagerly playing this game… sheepishly”

                Sheeple need a shepherd to show them the way. And, they have none here. Trump is too much the narcissistic egomaniac to channel Churchill’s message of courage and self-sacrifice. So, for months now, to further their political and $financial profit, the elites have been able to pretend without much challenge that COVID is the zombie apocalypse and clamp down hard on any of the little people who dare to say otherwise.

                “We will teach our twisted speech
                To the young believers
                We will train our blue-eyed men
                To be young believers”


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