Clinton and Guilt

Not a fan of Bill Clinton at all but this whole thing with how he was in the same place where somebody did something bad on a different occasion has got to stop. If there are allegations against Clinton for molestation, absolutely, let the bastard rot. But if there aren’t, let’s quit with baseless accusations.

Guilt by association is a bad societal standard to uphold. Screw Clinton. Tomorrow it will be used against you.

2 thoughts on “Clinton and Guilt”

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. It is incredibly annoying when conservative news outlets jump on stuff like this and act like it’s PROOF of wrongdoing. It obviously isn’t. Going by the zillions of photos of Epstein & co. out there, it’s like the guy was on a mission to schmooze with every famous person in the world. It doesn’t mean anything without more evidence.

    On the other hand… the guy is on the flight log 26 times, two witnesses place him at the island at least once, he’s been credibly accused of sexual misconduct by… how many women? 3? 4?… and there’s at least a semi-credible story about one of his secret service detail leaking that he’d disappeared into the back room of Mr. E’s plane with a teenage girl. You don’t have to take Dan Bongino’s word for it, but I think he’s legit, and he believes it. Is it PROOF? No. Certainly not good enough for legal action!

    But it’s not wild speculation, either.


  2. Respectfully, I don’t think that it is about association, but rather probable cause and/or likelihood of being an accessory before/after the fact.


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