Golden State

Folks, did you know that “fully one-third of welfare recipients in the nation live in California, which is home to barely 12% of the total population”?

That explains a lot about the kind of future that the technocratic elite that mostly lives in California wants for us.

5 thoughts on “Golden State”

  1. For your (especially yourself and those in STEM and health science) readers, I strongly recommend to read anything about Nicholas Nassim Taleb, beginning by this tweet:


    1. See, I never liked him precisely because he turns complicated things into empty slogans. The slightly trained (which isn’t even true because it’s a very skilled job) plumber literally digs through shit. His whole life. On his knees, shoulder deep in other people’s shit. A truck driver sacrifices a chance to have a family life and over-stresses the body to the point of becoming an invalid by 45.

      The graduate, in the meanwhile, spends all day Instagraming in a comfortable office about how he despises the idiot plumber.


  2. Speaking of California, did you hear about how a Cali Congresswoman who was being considered for VP gave a glowing speech for Scientology? I’m puzzled that Biden’s team didn’t find this and that it was instead unearthed by The Daily Caller. Pretty sure Biden will go with someone else lol.


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