TikTok Tools

Left-leaning people are total tools. First, they invented a completely insane story about teenagers on TikTok somehow dissuading Trump supporters from showing up at the Tulsa rally. As usual, the explanation not rooted in magical thinking (people are scared of big gatherings and travel during a pandemic) was rejected outright.

They repeated the story so many times that they actually believed it. When Trump suggested that TikTok – one of the most shameless representatives of surveillance capitalism and simultaneously one of the worst mainstream spreaders of child pornography – should be banned in the US, instead of saying “Hallelujah!” these poor individuals triumphantly rolled out the idea that Trump wanted to take revenge on those imaginary teenagers from the previous fairy tale by… banning one of fifty million apps they can rot their brains with.

Leaving these fairy tales aside, what can possibly motivate anybody over the age of 14 and / or an IQ over 90 to be upset over the end of TikTok if not severe Trump Derangement Syndrome? Compared to the amount of information Tiktok extracts from the idiot children who use it, Facebook is an innocent little getup. A bunch of nasty m-fuckers are getting filthy rich by exploiting your children in various ways including sexually. And all you see in the story is an opportunity to mention that you don’t like Trump? Because we all haven’t heard you mention it before?

Well, rejoice then. It won’t be banned. You’ll keep getting exploited. Go celebrate.

6 thoughts on “TikTok Tools”

  1. Haven’t heard about Tiktok at all till this post.

    “TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming.”

    Could Trump’s desire to ban it be connected to trade wars with China?


    1. I don’t think Trump wants to do that for this reason, but we are in an economic Cold War with China, and this regime use Tiktok to attack western companies, so this is not a bad thing.


  2. Teenagers on TikTok dissuading Trump supporters from showing up at his Tulsa rally is indeed insane. I’ve never heard anyone on the left say that though.

    Brad Parscale had bragged that they’ve received more than a million ticket requests for that rally. What the left did say was that most of those requests came from teenagers on TikTok who had no intention of showing up at the rally.


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