Vaccine, Anyone?

We have coronavirus vaccines already. We already know it is safe enough to test in 30k people. Thousands are dying. So, after thinking lately, I agree w/@StevenSalzberg1—people deserve early access if they choose. Continue Phase 3 trials, but allow for compassionate use. #covid19

Would you take this vaccine? And please note, I’m saying this vaccine nota well-tested one 3 years from now.

Would you protest if taking it becomes a condition to rejoin normal life (going back to work, traveling, putting kids in school, etc)?

15 thoughts on “Vaccine, Anyone?”

  1. Hell no. Neither I nor my kids will even think about getting it until it’s been on the market for at least five years. I have the same policy for cars. After five years you have a fair idea what’s wrong with it and you can make an informed decision. Right now, it’s blind faith.

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  2. My mother would since she is in at risk group because of her age, and has a job which demands contact with hundreds of people.

    I would take it too, if she took it, to protect her. I also trust this vaccine not to kill people or leave them disabled. It may not work, yes, but I don’t expect significant negative side effects.


  3. I’d seriously consider being an early adopter for vaccination once it’s approved but would need more information on efficacy and potential side effects.

    Estimated efficacy would need to be considerably greater than the current marginal protection provided by the annual influenza jabs – they are just this side of worthless. Side effects would be OK if they were minor like a sore arm or mild fever.


    1. Wow, this is VERY interesting.

      Here is why.

      In Ukraine hcq is a very common, well-known medication. It’s been in active use forever.

      COVID came, and Ukrainian doctors started prescribing it actively. There were excellent reports.

      And then all of a sudden, there’s this really aggressive narrative that “we have to follow the lead of all developed countries that are saying it’s useless and will harm people.” And the way it’s framed – I don’t know this for certain- but I know what this Ukrainian doublespeak usually means – is that there was pressure from the EU to drop hcq and use remdesevir. And I couldn’t figure it out. In the US it’s been politicized, ok, but why Ukraine? What does this mean?

      I think I’m starting to get it.


      1. The serious money is in the USA. Human beings are all over the globe. If a large group of human beings in any country were to use hcq and prove that it worked, then the serious money in the USA would go towards buying more (cheap) hcq and less of (expensive) everything else. Hence, drug companies in the USA who wanted to sell billions worth of everything ranging from vaccines to newly patented antivirals were strongly opposed to hcq being used in Ukraine.

        US economic policy is exported in this way all the time, with examples being, say, the USA insisting that cannabis be banned worldwide for decades, or that vaccine schedules be a certain way etc.


  4. I would like to know which companies these “respected biologist” tweeters have invested in. That would explain their tweets.


  5. Oh yeah, absolutely. If I understand vaccine development, all the vaccines we have in development right now (except for stuff like Russia’s home brew f’rex) are already as safe as the flu vaccine I keep forgetting to do most years – it’s similar stuff to what we’ve already been using for decades, with the main difference being the precise bit of virus they’re including to teach the immune system to reject. All of them also give you at least a few months of antibodies. Normally they’d be heading in a decade-long test period to ensure there’s long-term immunity but given the circumstances I’m fine with skipping that.


  6. I think that old people should take it. They’re the ones most at risk and if the vaccine causes cancer in 20 years or so they will probably be dead by then. 🙂


  7. What has me most concerned is the Moderna vaccine, besides the fact that you don’t need a vaccine when there is a readily available treatment (such as the corruptly maligned HCQ combo), is that it is a basically untested mRNA vaccine that ALTERS our DNA. Permanently. To produce spike proteins to induce immunity to COVID-19. I have read credible scientists who say this will be passed on in our “germ” – sperm and eggs. No thanks.

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