Symbol of Wokesterism

This is the perfect symbol of wokesterism: trying to virtue-signal and revealing that your race obsession is all about your own racism.

9 thoughts on “Symbol of Wokesterism”

      1. “They issued an apology.”

        OF COURSE they did! Doesn’t everybody who makes the mistake of trying to praise BLM?

        When I first glanced at the image, I thought it was the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion — which would be a more fitting symbol of the world-changing significance of Emancipation Day.


    1. I don’t know why they don’t concentrate on Trinidad’s issues, which God knows are abundant, and instead adopt dumb American fads.

      My cousin lives there. His wife’s family burned alive in their own home because the wiring is so shoddy.


  1. I think racism would diminish if they would quit throwing it in our face all the time, and if people would start behaving like individuals instead of letting social class and ancestral demographics rule their obsessive minds.


  2. Dogma-obsessed:
    Just like “the Church” during the Inquisition.
    WHY do such types rule the social climate?


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