Unexpectedly Politicized

One of the reasons I’m so into my husband is that when he opens his mouth, I never know what’s going to come out.

I finished putting Klara to bed, went downstairs, and discovered N doing the dishes.

“How much are we going to donate to the Trump campaign?” he said when he saw me. To give a useful analogy, this is the equivalent of me saying “so when are we buying Superbowl tickets?” Nobody suspects me of knowing what the Superbowl is and whether it’s accessed by way of a ticket purchase.

Turns out he watched the Heather MacDonald video I posted yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Politicized”

  1. Are you going to donate to the Trump campaign?

    All the riots pushing people towards Trump happened on his watch, while Trump shared his pleasure at watching Democratic cities burn when asked in an interview whether he planned to interfere. (I read his quote on Rod’s blog, and Rod would hardly invent anti-Trump propaganda.) Trump is supposed to be an American president, of all Americans, but he clearly doesn’t even pretend.

    I know Biden is not 100% right, but if he chooses like David Gendron said – “Biden should choose Kamala Harris: a pro-cop black women, she has it all” – would you still want to vote for Trump?

    Btw, interesting whether you would agree with what Heather MacDonald writes about American higher education. If you find her representation is slanted, it may be slanted on other topics too. She is a smart and educated person, but even acknowledging that, one doesn’t have to agree with her political interpretations. I agreed with many things, but not all.

    Call It a Ponzi Scheme
    Even during the Covid-19 crisis, colleges abuse their economic and reputational privileges.


    Should Identity Politics Dictate Vaccine Research?
    Even amid a pandemic, federal science agencies continue to fund anti-scientific diversity initiatives.


    1. If Biden chooses Kamala Harris, I’ll be running to the polls to vote for Trump. She’s terrible. And she’s not pro-cop. She’s a cynical grifter who’ll say whatever is needed.

      The likelihood of me voting for Biden is zero. It became zero the moment I heard the word Burisma. My only options for a long time have been not voting at all or voting Trump.

      I won’t be donating money because money is irrelevant to presidential elections.

      I will never vote for any Democrat who doesn’t very clearly and openly repudiate the riots. They organized this mess, so they should apologize and do public penance. Until then, I’m lost to them. Don’t want to know anything about them ever again. They’ve done terrible, terrible things. People have died and will continue dying. And not a single Democrat has the balls to condemn these bastards.


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