Nutty in Australia

Wow, Australians really lost their nut with COVID. They have police knocking on doors to see if people left home and giving them fines for not being inside. And that’s one of the least insane things they are doing to combat an illness that afflicts… the elderly in care homes.

Did anybody know Australians were so neurotic? I always thought they were into the rugged bush living type of thing. But now it looks like they are worse nervous nellies than habitual MSNBC viewers.

13 thoughts on “Nutty in Australia”

  1. Australians generally aren’t very neurotic at all, although too many of us have a very bad habit of bowing to authority in a way that the average American, European, former Soviet bloc person never would.

    What is happening in that state is that the party in charge is sort of like the Democrats, if the Democrats had fewer extreme left politicians so that their party seemed more sane than the democrats, except that they accept too much overseas money and so put themselves into the thrall of foreigners. In other words, they’re bought-off idiots.

    Anyway they were in charge of controlling COVID in the usual way with loose lockdowns etc, which was working fine until the head politician allowed a BLM protest to occur at the same time he allowed some (untrained) private security guards with political connections to run one of the COVID quarantine centres/hotels.

    It all went terribly wrong when the BLM protestors coughed all over each other at the same time that the (untrained) private security guards had sexual relations with women in the quarantine centre and took the virus home with them, which created a second wave bigger than the first wave and basically undid all of Australia’s COVID control efforts up to that point.

    The error has cost $9 billion so far and has the whole country feeling very upset at the politicians who did it, which is causing the idiots in charge to try to prove themselves by being extra strict on the public (that had nothing to do with any of it), followed by more idiots in the public bowing to the authority of the first group of idiots, which externally looks like neurotic people when really, it’s just idiots.


    1. Will it make an extremely fresh point that he’s a shitty speaker who says unnecessary, silly things in a confusing way? Because it’s been about 15 minutes that I haven’t heard it, and I’m starting to wilt. 🙂


      1. I thought you’d enjoy it. He is trying to emphasize one set of statistics and the interviewer is asking about another.
        Is it really “silly” or “unnecessary” that Trump is trying to say that the epidemic isn’t as bad as this interviewer seems to think it is? Everybody keeps saying we need to turn the entire population into STEM wizards and if you can’t understand the implications of what either of them are trying to say at a very basic level, you might be mathematically illiterate.


        1. Fact is: what Trump has said in this video is completely, factually correct. He is a somewhat speaker – that is true. I am also horrified at how disrespectful the reporter — whoever he is — is. I doubt he would have gotten away with this level of disrespect with another American president, Obama, for example. This video only made me more sympathetic to Trump.


            1. I wasn’t confused by what Trump was trying to say. I think the whole exchange is very educational in showing how people think quantitatively.

              It’s just very funny that you are annoyed by this reporter not following all of these norms for this guy who has repeatedly demonstrated he has no use for the corresponding norms.


          1. I saw the part about John Lewis. The funny thing is that Trump’s response is totally honest. He tells the truth – this guy has been disrespectful to me, so I’m not a huge fan but if people want to name a bridge after him, they should.

            But everybody freaks out because it’s so honest. Instead, he should fake profound sadness that somebody he doesn’t fully recognize died. We prefer a politician who’d lie. What does this say about us?

            And I’m not even talking about how Obama disrespected Lewis at his own funeral with that ridiculous speech he gave in lieu of a eulogy.


  2. It’s not the “honesty” which pisses people off, though.

    This is what’s funny about the clip to me:

    Trump is trying to pull a “I don’t know her”, but he doesn’t have enough self control or subtlety for shade. He has to yammer about his inauguration several times and SOTUs and can’t resist adding “nobody has done more for African Americans than I have.” You don’t know the man why would you notice his attendance? Or add anything about what you’ve “done?”

    BTW, John Lewis did not attend Shrub’s inauguration for much the same reasons. I do not quite understand why his family invited Shrub, who did speak, at all. I understand that living presidents who can risk covid to attend funerals are thin on the ground, but still…


    1. I think it is the honesty, to a large extent. Many people are tired of having to rearrange their faces and adopt a look of piety all the time. People are now being hounded for not showing extreme interest in woke screeds during zoom meetings at work. Just imagining yourself being able to say what you really think is very seductive. We can’t do that because we have to pay bills. So people experience this vicariously through Trump.

      I always used to say exactly what I thought everywhere. But now even I am afraid. There are rabid, glassy-eyed fanatics everywhere. They are a tiny minority but they are really scary.

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  3. I have an acquaintance in Australia (her son and my son met 6 years ago and she friended me on social media) who spent the better part of March and April attacking the “US response to COVID” as stupid, inadequate and “killing people” every time I posted about my frustration with the lockdowns. I, and several of my friends, tried to patiently and kindly explain that the US is not a cohesive unit that can be judged as a whole. We pointed out the vastly disparate case loads and death tolls in places like NYC and LA versus many of the central states, we pointed out those places’ politicians encouraging people to be out in crowds well after it was known to be spreading, we pointed out the known risk factors and suggested that stuffing COVID-19 positive elderly people back in nursing homes was exacerbating the problem. She just got more aggressive and mean, continually blaming Trump (“the idiotic moron in charge”) all while simultaneously praising China for the “beautiful job” they did dealing with the virus and generally being verbally abusive. I finally told her very firmly that she was welcome to engage by providing proof of her claims or using logic and reason to argue her position, but she was not going to be allowed to post on my social media if her rude behavior continued. So took a very dramatic “FINE!” exit and then took to writing her own posts, where she’d write a rude and ridiculous comment then tag me, commenting “J – I can’t believe you support stuff like this.” Needless to say, she no longer has access to my social media.
    From my experience with her, I did not glean the best impression of Australians, for sure. But I did continually wonder if she was shooting herself in the foot being so dang sure – in April! – that “Australia dealt with this correctly from the start” when we really did not have much info at all, and definitely had no clue regarding the seasonality of this thing, how it would work once lockdowns were lifted, etc. She truly seemed confident that the couple hundred cases and dozen or so deaths they’d had by the end of April was and would remain the sum total of Australia’s experience with it. By any measure, it seemed naïve and premature.

    I can safely say that if Australia’s response both then and now is the “better,” then I’ll happily take the “worse.”


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